Wrapping up Markus Schulz‘s trident of original contributions towards his emotionally-stirring In Search of Sunrise 15 entry, he collaborates with legendary German DJ and producer Talla 2XLC for the first time. Having spent many evenings in each other’s company in Frankfurt, it was only appropriate to christen the piece with the title of Mainhattan.

A friendship between the two sparkled into a working relationship when Markus was invited to join the cast list of Talla’s famed Technoclub mix CD series in Germany. Inspired by The Nine Skies, and particularly by the Dakota track Mota-Mota, the two men embarked on an uptempo alternative, adding Talla’s signature to the foray of Markus’ darker tendencies.

The result was one of the hottest IDs in either’s set for a year, but Mainhattan had a special purpose in being reserved for ISOS 15 status. Now with the compilation being enjoyed by the worldwide trancefamily and community, Mainhattan is ready to shine in its own right and certainly does Frankfurt proud.