Feel Alive

During our period of isolation, music has been a tonic, a healer, and a distraction; a means of Escape. It is for that reason that Markus Schulz‘s next artist album is highlighted by that single word – Escape.

Alongside the entire community, he has strived to maintain the special bond between artists and fans shared through a common love of music; in the hope that euphoria can be felt again. A chance to Feel Alive.

The prelude to the album is Feel Alive, which sees the Miami resident working alongside vocalist London Thor; and violinist Valentino Alessandrini. The characteristics of each shine brightly; demonstrating the emotion we miss when far apart, blissfully dreaming of a return to normality.

As Markus Schulz embarks on the next chapter of his storied career, the importance of life’s current circumstances could not be more apparent. The history books will remember 2020 as a stark reminder of all the little things we took for granted – a hug, a handshake, and the freedom of being in each other’s company without a second thought; a wish of expression through contact, and the gratification it generates.

Markus Schulz‘s brand new artist album Escape arrives on Friday, September 25th