The highlights of 2012 just keep coming and coming for Markus Schulz! Two weeks ago, he was voted ‘America’s Best DJ 2012’ by DJ Time Magazine. Today, he takes in the admirable position of #13 on the DJ Mag Top 100! We’d like to congratulate the Miami-based DJ with this marvellous achievement and thank all those who supported him by casting your vote!

In many ways, has 2012 been a highlight year in the career of Markus Schulz. Markus rocked you with his ‘Los Angeles ‘12’ compilation, as well as a new Dakota album and various strong productions, remixes and sets. His new album ‘Scream’ has turned into a grand success, premiered on his Global DJ Broadcast radio show and rocking crowds during his many sets around the globe. For more than two decades, Schulz has been doing what he does best: sharing his passion for music. And he surely will continue to do so!

For more than 4 years, Schulz has been amongst the Top 10 of most popular DJ’s in the world. This year, he takes in number #13 in the DJ Mag Top 100! And he’s more than ready to show you that that’s definitely no bad-luck number!

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