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Could you tell us where the Moonbeam name came from?

In 2003 we have started to work with Chris Lansfordom from California which is the author of lyrics and the vocalist in some compositions, including debut release Moonbeam – “Raven Gipsy EP”, He created the name for our project.

What was your first exposure to dance music when growing up? As brothers, did you both share the same musical interests, or did one of you encourage the other to give dance music a try?

We love music and we have same musical interest. In 1997 we Started to work DJs in clubs, and have taken a great interest in a music writing. At us it was formed project by "Exaltation". Under this name we even have let out a little of tracks in a number of the Russian compilations. In 2003 project Moonbeam was formed.

Your production style is easily one of the most distinguishable out there. Who were your influences when starting out as producers?

We think that in the beginning of our creative way we were influenced by music, such that of musicians as Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Massive Attack. Now we like to experiment and work with different directions in electronic music. . When we make new tracks, we try not to concentrate on style, but to overcome standards.We want our sound to be recognizable whatever style it is. Every time we record new track we try to introduce our specific atmosphere.

Markus Schulz has been among the biggest supporters of your work, where you have become one of the most play listed names on Global DJ Broadcast over the past few years. How would you describe your relationship with Markus?

We are happy that Markus love our music and support it.We don't meet with him personally yet, but we'd love to meet with him in the near future.

Your remixes for Coldharbour have been featured on the last 2 Markus Schulz city compilations (Lens - Beyond the Shadows on Amsterdam '08 and Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto - Crash Into Reason on Toronto '09). How do you approach the task of remixing each track, considering that your own interpretations are usually very different in comparison to the originals?

Yes, we was happy to work with these remixes, Usually we try to create own sounding in every remix,  we use only one /two original parts in our remixers.

Earlier this year, you had a huge hit through your collaboration with vocalist Avis Vox, entitled "About You". Are there any other vocalists out there that you would be interested in working with?

Yes, we working with Avis Vox long time and have many tracks with her. But we also worked with Rachael Starr, Fisher, Esmaye, Daniel Mimra, We are always ready to cooperation with other vocalists and always attentively we consider all offers which come to us.

Recently, you remixed Markus' track "Koolhaus", which was produced under his Dakota alias. How did you approach the task of working on the remix from the Thoughts Become Things album?

We love original version. And we was inspiration it, and created remix in during 5 hours. 

Another notable collaboration you have had was with vocalist Blackfeel Wite, for the track "First Night". How impressed were you with Elevation's remix of the track, which has been one of the most popular tunes in Markus' live sets this year?

Blackfeel Wite is our good friend and one from main artists of our label Moonbeam Digital. We recorded with many vocal track. And we are happy that Elevation's remix of First Night have massive support from Markus.

You have recently started a new radio show on's Progressive Channel, entitled "Moon Music". What can listeners expect to hear in a typical Moonbeam DJ set?

Moon Magic is exclusive show for DI.FM. In each program we represent exclusive world releases, music of the Russian artists, last stuff from Moonbeam and our label Moonbeam Digital. The basic stylistics of show are progressive house, in mixes sound a lot of vocal tracks, in difference, for example, from our other radio show Moonbeam Music which is focused on techno music.

Let's discuss the clubbing scene in your native country of Russia. Markus recently represented the country for the first time by recording his set from the Global Gathering festival in St. Petersburg, and featured it on his monthly Global DJ Broadcast World Tour series. Do you think it is important that the Russian fans get the chance to express their passion for music through events like this?

Yes of course this is important. The Russian musical scene it depends on world musical tendencies. At the last at us has opened a considerable quantity of night clubs where often also invite also foreign artists.

Do you see yourselves moving further towards DJing at gigs more regularly, to compliment your array of productions?

In our DJ gigs we play more own productions, remixes, music of artists of our label and also exclusive promo stuff, which we have got from many labels.

And finally, what does the near future hold for Moonbeam?

In next year we plan release our new album. Also in the near future will release new single with Avis Vox on Be Yourself Music, and new techno vinyl on Traum Schallplatten. Now Moonbeam actively continue to go on tour on the world, and we hope that this year we manage to play  in Southern America.

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