Looking back over 2010 I can't help but notice the massive invasion of house music into other genres. So many of the big name trance and prog DJs have been increasingly letting these boring housey tracks into their sets, selling out their style just to appeal to the bigger masses. The same goes for this endless stream of cheesy housey remakes of classics that seemed to be half of all the releases this year.

In the middle of all this mediocreness I have to say that Markus is one of the very few who has kept his feet strongly planted on the (under)ground that he stands for and is one of the few big ones out there who is truly loyal to his musical style and therefore to his fans. Very contrary to others who are massively selling out their older fans just to appeal to the next generation of 14 year olds.

Anyway just thought it was time to mention all that. Markus you deserve a big for what you stand for. Please don't ever think that you need to be like Armin or anyone else. Just be yourself, think Dakota and bang on.