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    Best of World Tour

    I hope Markus does another Best of World Tour cd, 2009 gets a lot of playtime in my car.

    That's and it's great to listen to the tunes and the crowd reaction too.
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    Re: Best of World Tour

    Me too. At least 1 big room recon must be included!

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    Re: Best of World Tour

    will be really great if Markus makes BIG ROOM RECON compilation...a lot of my favorite tunes have recon-ed by him at event for event whatever, I cut them from his sets and listen instead of original so Markus, if it's possible do it please -
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    Re: Best of World Tour

    i'd love for another one of these...but's asking a lot.

    do you dream (june'10)
    prague compilation (february'11)
    do you dream remix (summer 2011?)
    dakota (fall 2011?)

    don't know where he'd fit it in...
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