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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - Kiev (04-11-2010)

    Quote Originally Posted by modthispny
    not my favorite set, but that's because this set was recorded from a he has to play more 'tried and true' tunes.

    i hope next months world tour is from a small club.
    same with me as well. Good set, but I just feel like I've heard the majority of the tracks. Praying for a smaller club for more a fresher set next month!

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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - Kiev (04-11-2010)

    08. ID (Track 11 from GDJB World Tour Budapest Set)
    Did some research about this ID again...

    A part of the version from WT Budapest is different, my thought is that the track wasn't finished that time yet which comes to the final conclusion that this ID is a Markus Schulz production or remix.

    ID from Budapest:
    ID from Kiev:

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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast: World Tour - Kiev (04-11-2010)

    woot a nasty soundz :shock:

    Carry on!

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