Final top 5
1. Mr. Pit - Sky Traffic [Global Selection 2010] - 35 votes - 17%
2. Pobsky - Final Cloud - 33 votes - 16%
3. Markus Schulz Featuring Justine Suissa - Perception (Vocal Mix) - 25 votes - 12%
4. Rex Mundi - Valley of Dreams - 18 votes - 9%
5. Markus Schulz - Future Cities [Transmission 2010 Theme] - 14 votes - 7%


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Sup guys,

The ending of 2010 is approaching, it has been a great year with lots of fresh tunes by the known Coldharbour talents and new/upcoming ones. Several labels are releasing year compilations and several radio shows are helding a "top" on their radio show. On GDJB we have the "GDJB World Tour of the Year" voting but why not be making a little top ourself?

Since this forum allows 25 options when making a poll I thought it would be a nice idea to grab all the Global Selection Winners of 2010 together and taking them into a poll. Otherwise the list would be endless.

- This poll includes Global Selection Winners till the 28th of October 2010.
- This poll will be running for 42 days so it will end on Thursday the 9th of December 2010.

So... think about your 3 favorites and vote if you'd like!