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    Re: Washington DC - Club Glow - December 18th

    Is this suitable for the website that asked for a review of Markus at Glow? please help and let me know. Ill have to send it in soon....

    Date: 12/18/2010
    Venue: Fur, Washington D C.

    Markus Schulz as well all know is the 8th Best DJ in the world. But in all honesty he is much more than just the best DJ in America. He is possibly the best DJ in the world. The Efforts he puts in making Edit’s and Big Room reconstructions in his gigs just shows how much he loves to entertain the crowd. Extended versions apart, I doubt any other DJ out there does so many Edits and Mashups of songs for a gig like he does. Starting things off was a very skytech sounding song which I couldn’t ID. A small little Intro mix was enough to set the mood and it went all uphill after that. Many of you who tune into his weekly Radio Show “ The Global DJ broadcast “ every Thursday probably knows that he is known for teasing the fans with the abundance of ID’s he plays during live sets and radio sets. The second tune of the night was one of those irresistible ID’s he’s been playing for the past month (ID 2 Cape town, GDJB). I was hoping he would play this one as it sounds like a club killer, and it absolutely did kill everyone in the crowd. The Vocal sample to the massive beats to the wonderful breakdown, this one is going to be a Monster when it’s revealed. The set came to life after that second song. I didn’t have to wait too long to hear one of his best Mashups this year as Trouble in Redlight District vs Perception was played very early on in the set. As much as I waited to hear this song, I was upset because it ended too quickly for my liking. Nonetheless a massive song, one that has been pleasing crowds all around the world. Not too long after Perception in the redlight district it was time for some Dark Tetchy sounds as he dropped Sinners, the new song under his Dakota Alias. After revealing the name 2 days before the gig, it couldn’t have sounded better. Soon to be released under Coldharbour Red, this tune gave a new life to the gig. A couple more Mashups followed after sinners as one of his other favorites Surreal Smoke was dropped followed by his new Mashup called not the same Citadel. Great vibe all around as I could hear a lot of the people there singing along. More tunes followed and his massive reconstruction of Miki Litvik’s Pollinator took the club to a different place. The big room effects he’s added to this song does perfect justice to a song that you wouldn’t think would sound so good in a club. Another GDJB regular, Genix – ZZZUBB was given a spin not too long after pollinator. But the biggest crowd pleaser was definitely one of the biggest Mashups of last year – On a good day (Metropolis). Although a bit weird for him to play such a vocal filled song, it did the trick for the crowd as everyone was singing along to the wonderful vocals of on a good day. He also sneaked in the Cosmic Gate remix of Away somewhere in the 2nd hour and I remember singing it with everyone around me. I really hoped on listening to it that night and I wasn’t left disappointed. The last hour and half was filled with surprises as he dropped Lentos Forget about us. A staple for Markus’s gigs may sound too overplayed for a lot of the people, but I doubt this song will ever get old to me. One of the highlights of the nights for sure. And just when we were getting over the intensity of Barnes and Heatcliff, he dropped another massive tune - La Roux – In for the kill remixed by Michael Woods. Definitely another Crowd pleaser. As things carried on, he played one of his other favorite tunes, Skytech – Comet. He’s been playing this for almost 2 years now and it’s definitely one that’s meant to please the people. He also dropped his remix of Cosmic Gates – The Drums and the Cosmic Gates 2010 remix of Fire Wire. Both the tunes sounded ace and the crowds response to them was massive. The last hour brought in more and more classics as he started taking requests from people. After finally dropping Mr. Pit’s sky traffic, I was sure I was up for a massive last hour. More and more requests were being taken and I almost lost my senses when I heard one of my favorite songs of all time being faded in. I was happy because it was his earlier songs and knowing that he loves it, I knew he might play it. But the feeling of listening to one of your favorite song live is unexplainable. Next few songs included a remix of a classic - Delirium’s Silence, the Cosmic gate remix of Home the Paul Van Dyk tune and the Phynn remix of Rain and Opera of the Northern Ocean, two of his other gig favorites. He also played a new remix of Push – Universal Nation towards the very end of the gig. But he had something wicked in mind to end the night. How can anyone go wrong while playing a massive classic like Flesh? The crowd erupted as he teased everyone with his edits and sang along like there was no tomorrow. As always he ended with a huge applause for the crowd and the crowd replied back with the usual “Markus, Markus” chants. After taking pictures with some fans who surrounded him, he went back on the stage and the night came an end. All in all one of the best gig’s I’ve been to this year, and one I will remember for a long time.
    Coldharbour Manc

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    Re: Washington DC - Club Glow - December 18th

    I'd love to help you revise it! It's a great start, and captures the best moments of the night. Whether you want to go through and revise it or not, you should change two typos:

    Quote Originally Posted by reddevil09
    Markus Schulz as well all know is the 8th Best DJ in the world.
    as we all know

    Quote Originally Posted by reddevil09
    Not too long after Perception in the redlight district it was time for some Dark Tetchy sounds as he dropped Sinners, the new song under his Dakota Alias.
    Techy - but even this could be changed to something else, since "Techy" isn't an actual word. Know what I mean? "some dark tech sounds" could probably work just as well, if not better than "some dark techy sounds".

    Anyway, I sent you a PM, just let me know if you want to sit down and go over this in more depth. - Regardless, good review!

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