Hey guys.
I hope this isn't some kind of a spoiler, beacuse this is what I read on the official site of United Music (main promoter and organizer of the whole event):

"Another one who comes back and belongs also already for years in the DJ mag top 10 and can be seen as the Transmission resident is the famous and beloved American/German DJ and producer Markus Schulz who after the great success of the Transmission anthem in 2008 The New World (video on Youtube was seen by more than 2.2 million visitors) once more will produce also for this year's edition the official Transmission anthem with the title Future Cities."

From my memories back in 2008, the official trailer of Transmission 2008 had "The New World" as that edition's anthem in the backround, and if all of promoter's words are true, then this year's trailer has "Future Cities" in the backround (btw. the same track which is ID'd as no. 13 in Budapest World Tour Set 8-) )

I just have to add, that if all of thid turns out official, then it's freaky awesome!!!

Here is the link for the article and the trailer as well:

http://www.unitedmusic.cz/en/news/trans ... e-line-up/