let me preface this post by saying that i'm of similar age to Markus, i too grew up in Europe before emigrating to the States and have been into this music for quite some considerable time

i have thousands of mixes stored on my hard drives ( pretty much every GDJB, ASOT, Essential Mix etc etc).......yup, i'm a nerd :lol:

this masterpiece will be receiving countless repeats for my ears and many referrals to my friends, it's quite simply BRILLIANT

no really, i've been lucky enough to go to Ibiza a couple of times and this set encapsulates the true vibe of the island without doubt, just gorgeous !

given the man's ridiculous schedule, it's a true testament to the impeccable work ethic and dedication he puts in, but more importantly displays a true and unabashed LOVE for the music itself and demonstrates the effect that it has on himself and countless others, myself most definitely included

thanx m8

no, really