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    Re: sankeys 16Jul!!!

    I also remember him playing a track that was a hell of a lot like Arnej - They Always Come Back. Anyone any ideas on what that one was?

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    Re: sankeys 16Jul!!!

    markus schulz blog about sankeys, i got a mention ) im well chuffed

    Sankeys, Manchester - Friday July 16th

    An overnight flight to Manchester, England via New York and I was absolutely exhausted with tiredness and sickness. So it was straight to bed for a long sleep. I thought to myself though before drifting off that hopefully, by the time the gig at Sankeys was over, that I would be feeling better. The best way to get the cold out of your system is actually to be in the club performing, and work up a good sweat in the process.

    Turned over in bed and looked at the clock in my hotel room; and it said 7:30pm! Time to get my day started, as terrible as it sounds at that time! First mission was to find some coffee to give myself a boost, and thankfully found a Starbucks at the train station across the street from the hotel. A bite to eat and a couple of hours preparing, and I was out the door to Sankeys.

    This was a night I had been looking forward to playing for a while. The club itself is iconic, back to the days when people like Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers were performing there. And recently, it has become the home of the now local Gareth Emery’s Garuda nights. So I was looking forward to sampling the atmosphere and playing in a club and city I had never experienced in playing before, and also to catch up with my tour buddy from Australia, even though we’ll be seeing a heck of a lot of each other between now and September!

    Showtime and I was on the decks for a 3 hour set beginning at 11pm. There weren’t too many people in the club when I started, but those that were there definitely made themselves heard! I started off with a new version of Surreal I had been experimenting with in the studio before I left Miami, and the crowd singing along really made me feel very welcome right away.

    I have to give a shoutout to producer Pobsky, whose track “Final Cloud” I debuted on Global DJ Broadcast last week. It really caught my attention when going through the promos, and believe it or not, I had made a little edit of it in the hotel before going to the club. Just before I was starting, he came up to the booth and introduced himself to me, and thanked me for playing his track on the show. So about 45 minutes into the set, when the dancefloor began to get packed and people were going crazy and fighting through the dry ice, I decided to drop Final Cloud, and it got a huge reaction, one of the biggest of the entire night!

    It was so hot in that booth during the set. In a way I didn’t mind so much because gradually it was taking the cold out of my system, but it was tough keeping hydrated up there. About halfway through though one of the staff could be heard behind me shouting, “we need to turn the fan on in here!” Thanks for letting me know guys, haha! But my highlight of the whole night was meeting some very cool small people who came out to support. They had people on the dancefloor lifting them up to shake my hand in the booth, and everyone was cheering them on. It was awesome! So when I finished my set, I wanted to meet up with them and promised them a picture, so that they would appear in the blog.

    All Sankeys photos are courtesy of Danny Fallon

    As the clock struck 2am, it was time to pass the baton onto the hometown boy. We embraced and shared a fun moment when transitioning from one set to the other. I wished him well and then went out of the booth to meet the fans in the bar. The tiredness was starting to catch up with me though, so I stayed for a little bit to support Gareth and then called it a night shortly after. Didn’t get too much sleep however, because the cold was still fighting against me; but a big shoutout to the Sankeys and Manchester faithful for making me feel so welcome in your city.

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    Re: sankeys 16Jul!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Havana
    I also remember him playing a track that was a hell of a lot like Arnej - They Always Come Back. Anyone any ideas on what that one was?
    One of my friends who was there claims to have seen the CD in Markus's hand and saw it was a Barnes & Heatcliff mix. Not sure how true it is but apparantly the bassline was similar to a Barnes & Heatcliff production. Possible coldharbour 100 tune?

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