!!!!! Who's coming?

I've never been to Montreal, so I'm super excited to visit! (Yet another city that it takes Markus for me to get off my ass and travel hahaha)

Still finalizing what other NYC people are coming with, SAMANTHA will be attending, even if I have to hide her in the trunk of the car across the border. :twisted:

I really want to find out the set time... I read the club is open from 1 am - 10 am! I want to determine if it's feasible to spend the whole weekend in Montreal and do some sight-seeing.. Instead of driving 1000 miles just to spend the night in one club.. AHAHA jk I'm totally fine with that too.

Any Montreal people been to this venue? What is it like?

There was a lot of Montreal fans in Toronto the other week so it'll be fun to party with them in their hometown!! hahaha. Definitely gotta respect anybody that travels ridiculous amounts for shows.