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    Re: Dark Heart Waiting - The Video

    I love the new video
    The car is incredible, purple beast <3
    Markus and Khaz look so hot! ops:

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    Re: Dark Heart Waiting - The Video

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob
    the sin city video was really poor, this one is a little bit better, but i still prefer clips live the new world, just live footage is the way to go
    i prefer the music vids tell a story that actually relate to the lyrics myself. just like this one.

    live footage of concerts / clubs...might as well not bother. might as well just have a contest and have fans submit their best iphone footage.
    @ Atlanta: 09.18.08, 04.23.09, 07.07.10
    @ Charlotte: 09.25.08, 04.02.09, 11.20.09, 09.24.10
    @ Miami: 03.29.08, 03.23.10, 03.26.10, 03.11.11

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    Re: Dark Heart Waiting - The Video

    Quote Originally Posted by Hayley
    Forget the girls and the guys.................THAT CAR :shock: hahaha :P

    I SO know!!!! the car is just amazing even for me who dont drive!!! :P

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    Re: Dark Heart Waiting - The Video

    not def. my favorite video.. not at all. :!:

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