Hey guys,

it´s time for a small party review of Nature One 2010!

It was the 3rd time in a row, Markus' played in Germany.
And as a german Fan, I surely visited all these parties (Soundtropolis 09, Mayday 10, Nature One 10).

Last Friday, he was playing prime time at Nature One MAINSTAGE.
It was good to see him playing there, as it`s not very often, he is invited to a German Trance Events....

He played really well, as you´ve probably heard on the Livestream
Only one small thing, which also my friends were a little sad about, was there wasn't any vocal track, except DYD and Perception at the end.
But Armin on the day after, was also playing nearly 0 vocal tracks.
I think this is the image of Germany, where mostly Techno rules the parties.
I guess every Trance DJ thinks of that and plays more instrumental than vocal tracks...

Only Gareth Emery played till the end on that friday, with lot´s of vocals, which
the people thanked him with staying till the end...., As a result of that, the Mainstage was still packed at the End of 6am that Saturday Morning! :shock:

The day after, we attended Dash Berlin, some tracks of Filo & Peri and finally Armin.
He played some new stuff from his forthcoming Album which I didn't like that evening, maybe I´ve to hear some of them again on CD, to give a final result on that

Anyway, it was a great weekend, with lot´s of dancing, chilling, almost NO Sleep and good weather.
Next week it´s Dance Valley, which would also be cool, but I think this is not in the budget for this month :cry:

Here are some pics for you :

Nice anecdote : Markus parting behind, during the last 20 mins of Paul van Dyk playing (see on Pic1)

And some more :

The next picture has a background.Last weekend, you probably heard, 21 people lost there life during the Loveparade in Duisbug, GER.
On the camping ground, everyone shut down their music and was quiet, to think of those, who lost their lifes. And to show the world their devotion, lot´s of white balloons were set to go off.......

And here's a 3min Video (scroll down) :


So, MARKUS, thank you for a great Nature One experience!
Hope to see you again soon!