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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Ibiza Summer Sessions (25-09-2008)

    Holy sh!t what a fantastic set today by Markus can't wait for Saturday
    6 hour's wooooooooooooot...

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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Ibiza Summer Sessions (25-09-2008)

    What a night it was! Simply amazing! I don't need to say once again that 2 hours of Markus are always the best

    But let's start from the beginning.... Markus started with one of the most beautiful intros of the year Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert - Neo Love (TE Intro Mix) - I just love it!!!
    And I didn't expect Organic so soon, I thought that yeah maybe he would play it but not as a second track was a really nice experience for me...
    Of course I said once (while Sia was a world premiere track) that Markus will bring new IDs soon and what do we have? A new ID lol I don't need to mention that it's great as every ID Markus is playing :P I really liked the transition to Blueprint \o/ Very nice track though! The same is with OneWorld - Lingus! Pretty!
    And it's Mr Pit time \o/ Back For More yeaaah!
    One more ID - beautifuuuuuuuul! :shock:
    And Pit again lol but for me Shana is overplayed.... :?
    Fortunately next was Biscyane and my precious Lange - Out Of The Sky (Kyau & Albert Remix) \o/ So I knew that after this tune rest of the show will be brilliant! And I wasn't wrong!!!! Why?

    Adam K & Soha - Long Distance (tyDi's Choppy Vocal Mix)
    Humate - Love Stimulation (Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher Remix)
    Offer Nissim Featuring Maya - For Your Love (Sied Van Riel Remix)
    Sia - Buttons (Markus Schulz Return To Coldharbour Dub)

    That's why

    I didn't like next two tracks DJ Eco - Tonight is Forever (Martin Roth Edit) and Wippenberg - Chakalaka because they are littlew bit boring for me... But the ending was excellent! Especially my favourite track Sunlounger Featuring Zara - Lost <3 and a new production from Sied van Riel

    Thank you Markus for those great 2 hours and now I can't wait for the next 2 hours recorded live from Toronto!!! Woohooo see you on Thursday

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