i have listen to it more than a million times and still dont know which cd is my favourite one cd one or two!

cd one is quite amazing and totally wicked even that i was a bit dissapointed with the version of opera there is - not sure if it is the album version or maybe markus dropped the bpm still its way much more different from the version i heard in global few weeks before the release of the album (I know it sounds boring and you all get tired from me keep saying this but still)

cd two is very nice as well at least to my ears!as i regular listen of global the last months i actually like listening all the tracks i have heard and going to heard in the show and I guess It is just me who thought that cd two wasnt boring at all!Just because you heard already those tracks doesnt mean its bad to listen again! In fact the mix of cd two and the selection of tracks from Markus is just amazing!!

tip : If you are a regular listener of the show you might thought this is something you already heard BUT if you are not a regular listener this is a good chance (the cd two i mean plus cd one)to introduced you in Markus style

I dont know why we have to compare it with previous complilations this is something new and something different which doesnt mean its bad at the first place anyway!