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    [CLHR082] Lentos - Forget About Us

    Lentos - Forget About Us

    Release Label: Coldharbour Recordings
    Release Code: CLHR082
    Release Date: November 9th 2009

    Forget About Us (Original Mix)
    Forget About Us (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix)

    Austrian debut David Barnes & Daniel Heatcliff are undoubtedly rated as outstanding achievers in 2009. Unleashed to the world via their solo production "Pjyamaparty" on Markus Schulz's Toronto '09 compilation, they followed up by taking on the challenge of remixing Markus' trippy number under his Dakota alias, "Johnny the Fox". And this resulted in becoming one of Markus' signature moments in his livesets for almost all of the calendar year.

    However, not resting on their laurels, they launched their more progressive-melodic side through their Lentos moniker, and immediately captured the imagination of the Global DJ Broadcast faithful when debuted on the show back in May.

    They decided to take on the responsibility of remixing the track themselves, under the more familiar Barnes & Heatcliff name and style, and once again, the reaction was outstanding, rocking dancefloors throughout the summer festival season. Featuring prominently in the World Tour recordings in St. Petersburg, Ibiza and Medellin, it was inevitable that the remix would proudly find its place among the World Tour Best of 2009 compilation, and cementing itself as one of the outstanding memories of Coldharbour Recordings in 2009.

    So whether it's the deeper melodic side you tend towards, or just love a bit of pumping and driving beats, Forget About Us is a definite dancefloor smash in multiple guises, just like the producers behind it.

    Available to buy digitally from Beatport by Clickng Here

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    Re: [CLHR082] Lentos - Forget About Us

    I prefer the original but the remix is also great. One of the many many quality releases from Coldharbour during 2009

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