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    [CLHR081] Mr. Pit - Besides Words E.P.

    Mr. Pit - Besides Words E.P.

    Release Label: Coldharbour Recordings
    Release Code: CLHR081
    Release Date: October 12th 2009

    Besides Words

    The name Adrian Ivan has been lingering around the progressive and trance scene since early 2008, when his 'Shana' hit the global dance floors through the Coldharbour label. Lucky, Adrian kept supplying the label with more of his deep progressive, melodic trance and sturdy techno influences. After 'Back For More', 'More Manners Please' and 'The Cube', the Romanian producers calls in his Mr. Pit moniker to deliver a fresh triptych.

    This time, it's the upfront dancefloor moving sound that shook his studio. 'Beside Words' is trancier than his previous work, hitting in with a mesmerizing vocal effect and delicate synths. 'Unchanged', on the other hand, is a playful, tough club track with an original phat bass and inflammable melody. As the ultimate cool down to this steamy hot Coldharbour triptych, Mr. Pit brings 'Deluxe'. Rich in sound and details, trancy and deep.

    Available to buy digitally from Beatport by Clickng Here

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    Re: [CLHR081] Mr. Pit - Besides Words E.P.

    Besides Word 9/10!

    I realy like that track (:
    "a few MS standards and then we are into the rabbit hole... hang on"

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