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    I voted for Dakota - Mr. Cappuccino (Gai Barone Remix). Quality remix.

    In my opinion it was one of the best GDJB's this year.

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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (19-11-2009)

    HEY GUYS!!... Oh man!! I tried my best to wake up for this again this morning...

    I had to work at 1130 PST. Show airs 0900-1100... So i woulda had to wake up early for the show AND early to then go to work and stand on my feet for four hours... Not to mention I was out last night to see Noel Sanger at Body English (Godskitchen) at Hard Rock Vegas... (BTW - Noel was KILLER omg!, loved it)..

    Anyyywwaaays, so after a long day im going to do some work in choon to this episode to keep me motivated

    Walk with me - The Orange -

    Kyau & Albert - I Love you --- Vocals are growing on me too (well i just i just dont dislike them as much as i originally thought haha) however i dont think ANYTHING can stop me from rocking out to this bassline omfg!!!! (Heart rate just sky rocketed thinking about this song and this weekend in Vegas....) Songs like this make me stop in my tracks and just LISTEN... wow!

    Matt Darey pres etc - See the Sun (aurosonic remix)
    was really feeling this one until the vocals came in... eeehh... not a huge fan of them. How ever i think a dub would be nice.
    tempting faith - cut up vocals and a killer bassline... SICK!
    PHOENIX -- YESSSSSSSSSSS this is my kind of song!!! I voted for it last week for the global selection winner... Omg the bassy saws! yesssssssssssssss!...
    never tell sounds like will be a great one to hear live!!!
    (sorry gave up writing full IDs bc im lazy..)
    stolen - danilo ercole remix yummyness
    afterworld WOW.... eyes crunched up ... looking real serious over here!! HOLY %$^&I! this track has so many dimensions to it, omfg. ohhh this is when i close my eyes and say CURSE anyone who ever asked me why i am so in love with global dj broadcast, WHO else do u know is playing music this good?!?! WHO!?
    mr cappuccino rmx !!! really great! I was getting depressed while searching for Christmas time flights back to boston but this tune kept me from getting really really upset LOL

    deadly nightshade... omg omg omg! yayay.

    Okay i lost track while listening but it was amazing. I started researching the new droid phone i really want one LOL

    anyways ONE MORE DAY until i get to see allmy friends in VEGAS BABY!!!!!! cannot wait! great mix for this week markus!!!

    I swear im trying to not make a comment about every SINGLE track but these are all MONSTERS omfg!!
    "I'm really digging his sets lately- hopefully this will help me to get 2 weeks worth of work done in the next hour or so..." -twin, Sam.

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