Ok, so now it's time for me I'm on the forum for some time but i don't know that this thread exist xD I read only GDBJ/Evolution threads.

Something about me:
I'm Wojtek (no english substitute) In few days i'm gonna be 19y.o. (exactly 2nd, Feb).
I live in Katowice, Poland (near Krakow). I used to listen to Hands Up music, but
since Dec 07 I'm listening to Trance/Progressive music and i can't imagine live without it.
I really like artists like: Nitrous Oxide, Paul Miller, Arnej, Gareth Emery and ofcourse Markus Schulz.

My hobby is Formula 1 and it isn't because of Robert Kubica. I like him and support but i prefer Felipe Massa. I also like watch good movies. My favourites are Transpoter and 21.
That's all ;]

PS. Sorry for my english but i think it isn't the worst