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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (29-10-2009)

    last track was simply AMAZING!!! :shock:

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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast (29-10-2009)

    I know this is so after the fact, but i am really digging:

    Daniel Heatcliff - Phoenix
    Freeland- Mancy- Gui Boratto Remix
    The ID-ID right after deadly nightshade!!!!!!!!!!!! this one is a fusion of sounds... i hear a mixture of many of my favorite elements... some chunkyness, some saws, epic-ness... WTF!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to prematurely age my face by gaining WRINKLY lines due to the continuous smushed up look on my bass face!!!!! (if that makes sense!!!)

    Gareth Emery Rmx of Gaia Tuvan

    hmm IMO the track Gleave- Home... I prefer Dubplease...

    AND - Noel Sangers RMx of CLOSE ENOUGH!!! I have always loved this song so so so much ! Noel Sanger is a lovely remixer too.. this song is beautiful..

    However its so hard to love all these songs at once when they are telling me so many messages... This Mashup would be ONE BIG headache:

    Close Enough - Keo Nozari VS - Lost- Sunlounger ft. Zara

    hahaha really those these songs have always conflicted me so much
    "I'm really digging his sets lately- hopefully this will help me to get 2 weeks worth of work done in the next hour or so..." -twin, Sam.

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