Markus Schulz @ Future Music Festival Afterparty, QBH Melbourne 2009-03-08

Photos and Videos: Coming Soon!

Well this was definitely a night to remember for the ages! Add the elements of a great venue, great crowd, nice sets by Mike Nichol and Super8 and Tab and you have pretty much got the most ideal atmosphere for a World Tour recording. The moment the stage manager started to setup microphones to point at the crowd to capture the noise, you could feel the vibe in the crowd start to get that much more intense. It was the first time that we had been to QBH and we really loved it from the moment we walked in, it just had that intimate feel about it and you knew that this would influence the structure of Markus’ set.

Speaking of which, I’d have to say that this has been the best gig of Markus’ I have been to. A great mix of tracks from typical Markus classics to tracks from Toronto 09 and it just flowed brilliantly for all 4 hours. Pretty sure I have all these tracks in the right order and were the ones that I could recognise, probably missing about 7 or 8 that I didn’t know.

Dakota – Koolhaus
Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto - Crash Into Reason (Moonbeam Remix)
Rank1 – L.E.D There Be Light (Wippenberg Remix)
Ashley Wallbridge – Harrier
Rex Mundi feat. Susana - Nothing at All
Timmy and Tommy - Full Tiltin (Joint Operations Centre Remix)
Dakota – Sin City
Ernesto vs Bastian - Laser Brain
John O'Callaghan - Big Sky (Markus Schulz AX Remix)
Marc Vision vs. Markus Schulz vs. Wippenberg - Chakalaka's New World Gate (Markus Schulz Mashup)
Nitrous Oxide – Magenta
Ferry Corsten – Brainbox
Rafael Frost – Red
Blackfeel Wite - First Night (Unreleased Remix)
Markus Schulz – The New World (Original Mix)
Jochen Miller vs Armin van Buuren - Lost Connection In and Out of love
Sia - Buttons (Markus Schulz Coldharbour Dub Mix)
Rex Mundi vs Ronski Speed – The Perspective Space (Markus Schulz Mashup)
16 Bit Lolitas & Ohmna - Take It Or Leave It
Wippenberg vs. Marc Vision - Chakalaka's Time Gate (Markus Schulz Mashup)
Cass & Slide - Perception (Remix)
Way Out West – The Fall (Richard Durand Remix)
Skytech – Cardboard Box
Rank 1 – Airwave (Unreleased Remix)
Marco Joosten vs. E.C. – Offshore
Albert Vorne - Formentera What (Gareth Emery Remix / Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
John O'Callaghan - New Jersey
4 Strings - Take Me Away (Re-ward Remix)
Above and Beyond vs Mr. Pit – Shana Can't Sleep (Black Army Mashup)
Sunlounger feat. Zara – Lost (Original Mix)
Barnes & Heatcliff – Pyjamaparty
TyDi – Russia (Melodic Mix)
Elevation - Biscayne (Lemon & Einar K Remix)
Gareth Emery vs Delerium – This is Silence (Black Army Mashup)
Markus Schulz & Andy Moor - Daydream (Lemon & Einar K Remix)
Art of Trance – Madagascar (Richard Durand Remix)

It was also great to be recognised by a few in the crowd. When I was waiting at the bar, one guy pulled me up and said “arnt you that guy of Markus’ forums with the Markus T-Shirt that is leaning back and yelling in his avatar” haha great to meet such people. It was indeed a bloody fantastic 4 hour journey for the Aussies who showed their appreciation after the set by hanging around and all getting various things signed.

To summarise, we all had a blast and wanna thank Markus for coming out to our neck of the woods once again. I’ll definitely be waking up early this Friday morning to relive the experience when our World Tour episode goes live over the internet. I’d like to tell all Aussies reading this to do the same!!!!