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To explain the mashups situation:

In order to legally release a mashup, you must acquire the licensing rights for all of the tracks involved. The label also has to have enough faith that if it goes to the trouble of acquiring these licenses (which can be quite costly), that sales will be high enough for it to make a profit.

Now, Markus gave The Perspective Space mashup to Armin for use in his A State Of Trance 2007 compilation. Someone decided to make a reconstructed version, taking the original of Perspective, and cutting in the mashup version ripped from the CD. The problem was, there was a very noticable pitch change in the middle of the track! But that didn't stop this poor version getting spread around the web like wildfire and DJs like Menno de Jong and Sander van Doorn continually playing it on their radio shows.

Rex Mundi - Perspective was signed and released on Cyber Records. Before the Armada label was conceived, all of Armin's early production material (Blue Fear, Communication etc.) was owned by Cyber. Armin wanted to buy back the rights to his old tracks (so he could use them as he wished), so in September 2007 Armada bought the rights to Cyber Records, and its entire back catalogue. As a result, Armada owned the rights to Perspective, and therefore all that was required for the mashup to be released was for The Space We Are to be sublicensed from Euphonic. The relationship between Armada and Euphonic has always been excellent, so the deal was done, and it left the door open for The Perspective Space to be legitimately released.

And the rest as they say is history.

There is a far better chance of me having a Valentine's this weekend than Ten Seconds Before Daydream seeing a legitimate release, for a variety of reasons.
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