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    Re: Markus Schulz in Toronto AGAIN!!!! MArch 21st 2009

    read the reviews and looks like markus killed it at contact and armin was good too supposedly. overall a great night, this really makes me want to take a trip to dc for markus' set BUT unfortunately for me armin is in nyc the same night so no travel buddy this time around. i'll catch them both the following week but damn after the reviews i want to hear markus.

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    Re: Markus Schulz in Toronto AGAIN!!!! MArch 21st 2009

    I heard all great reviews too!!!! I wish I had been able to go Im happy to hear everyone had a blast- but not so happy to hear armin and markus were on at the same time. i probably would have had a bout of cardiac arrest for that. although, its a no brainer- markus set would have been where i was!

    Cant wait for some pics!!!

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