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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Classics Showcase (01-01-2009)

    What an outstanding classic set by Markus. He impress me show after show. Many thanks for that.
    :!: :?: Very important to note that Markus remains the more creative Dj, as well the best remixer (My own opinion). Who's agree??
    progressive trance/house

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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Classics Showcase (01-01-2009)

    Ok i finally just had chance to listen to this set after all the partying, getting drunk, djing and omg what a great set.
    After going to a classics night last night i just needed more and couldn't wait to find some time to finally download this set and listen to it !!!!
    Its not often i write much about a set but this deserved it !!!!

    Loving the intro, i love "New Years Day" and almost forgot about it amazing work on the intro there.
    Loved it how he mixed air for life in on the breakdown as soon as you hear the melody and you realize what the track is just makes it that more special !!!!
    After that "Probspot - Blueberry" still a great track imo and proud to own it on ye olde vinyl
    Now "Airwave - When Things Go Wrong" one of Airwaves best tracks imo great ending track yet it fully lifted the set and was set for another hour to come.
    "A Break In The Clouds" !!!! Amazing stuff and the Markus Schulz Remix is just the best !!!!
    Ahhhh now "Firewall - Sincere" amazing track and one of the most beautiful breakdowns prefer the Pulsar Remix imo but this is good stuff.
    And coming to the end of the set now "Lolo - Why?" another fav classic of mine oooohhhh and then mixed into "Now Your Gone" still one of the best vocal tracks known
    Ofcourse no way better to finish off the set than with "Remember Magnetic North" a big GDJB classic that just has to be played in every classic set on GDJB best way to finnish off.
    Shivers and goosebumps o plenty full every time that beat kicks in !!!!
    Just so unique and different the vocals just top it off and tops off the whole set for this year amazing stuff here to 2009 !!!! :twisted:

    Happy New Year all !!!!

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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Classics Showcase (01-01-2009)

    Great set! Loved the mixing and the tracklist was amazing. He used the U2 intro on Dec 26, 08 in Edmonton too. I was hoping he would play the whole song instead of just the intro though. As usual, the mashups were genius and Remember Mag North was an epic way to end it. First heard and saw Markus back in 05 and since then, things just keep getting better at a tremendous pace.

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    Re: Global DJ Broadcast: Classics Showcase (01-01-2009)

    This was the most beautiful show I have ever heard! I always love classic shows, because they are the best proof to say how amazing is trance through all those years Markus has completed so many tracks which I didn't know so well. I'm happy he showed me the unknown world of trance music

    I liked the beginning of the set, U2 - New Year's Day (Markus Schulz Intro Mix) - did you know that Bono wrote it for Poland? :P
    Accadia - Into The Dawn (James Holden Remix) - very beautiful melody, I loved it since I heard it for the first time! <3
    Tilt vs. Paul Van Dyk - Rendezvous (Quadrophonic Mix) - I have shivers every time I hear it One of the best production from Paul!
    Rapid Eye - Circa Forever (Rapid Eye's R.E.Mix) - tune of the century !!! :shock:
    But Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor - Air For Life (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction) is tune of the universe !!!!!!! My precious for years! ops:
    Airwave - When Things Go Wrong - another one beautiful classic tune!
    Andain - Summer Calling (Airwave Progressive Mix) vs. Airwave - When Things Go Wrong (Markus Schulz Mashup) - very nice mashup!
    Adam White & Andy Moor Present Whiteroom - The Whiteroom - one of my favourite classic tunes \o/
    Young Parisians Featuring Ben Lost - Jump The Next Train (Solarstone Remix) - very nice version, especially that piano breakdown
    Max Graham Featuring Jessica Jacobs - I Know You're Gone - Yes... this is pure trance

    Very, very, very nice show! Thank you Markus!

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