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    Remembering the old school days with Party 931

    Hi guys!
    I'm a huge fan of all these Global DJ Broadcast sets from Party 93.1. Actually I didn't know about GDJB when it was being aired on Party 93.1, but after I downloaded few shows I was inspired. Now my hard drive is full of 3-4-5 hour marathons. I think Global DJ Broadcast was in a better format back in the days - Markus Schulz presented The Essentials in every episode + regular mix from him. The guestmixes were amazing, really. A plenty of styles at GDJB back in the days - House, Trance, Techno, even Drum & Bass. Now I see Party 93.1 was broadcasting almost every Markus Schulz gig in Miami, too bad I didn't know about Markus then
    So share your thoughts about old school days, what was the feeling listening to the GDJB then? I see it's been a lot of fun... and it's bad that Party 93.1 closed down in 2005.

    btw; Trance Night shows ruled out there - Paul Oakenfold Presents, Edgar V's - Nocturnal, George Acosta's Lost World and of course Markus Schulz - Global DJ Broadcast.. :shock: 8-)

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    Re: Remembering the old school days with Party 931

    Party 93.1 south floridas pure dance channel!

    I still remember the jingle Got it on some older sets back from those days indeed.
    I think they stopped transmitting the GDJB because they changed there format to Rock?

    I have no clue how "party 93.1" is doing today?

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    I am still listening these sets.

    Fantastic music, what can I say more.

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