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    Re: Markus Schulz @ Future Music Festival, Australia 2009

    During my set, there were a couple of guys who handed me an Australian soccerroos jersey, with my name on the back of it. I thought they just wanted me to sign it to give back to them, but it turned out that they bought it specifically for me! A lovely little memento to take home with me from my Australian trip. Thank you to the guys who went to the trouble of doing that. As you can see from the picture above, a fresh and clean t-shirt was just what was needed by the end of the night.

    You're welcome mate! hehe

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    Re: Markus Schulz @ Future Music Festival, Australia 2009


    It's almost been a week since Markus was in Adelaide for the Future Music Festival.

    I had to gather all my thoughts before I posted on here.

    Although there were many artists at FMF I was really only going to see Markus. It was money very well spent. The set blew my mind, Markus played tunes that I never thought I would hear Live. Songs such as U2 New Years Day Intro, and Eurythmics Sweet Dreams Remix which I have seen him play out but was never expecting it.

    I have about 10 videos on my phone which I might upload at a later stage. I just wish to thank Markus for playing a Wonderful set that I and I'm sure a lot of others will never forget. Adelaide will grow to Love Markus as was shown by the crowd difference between 08 and 09. I don't know if Markus could see but there were people in the trees try to catch a glimpse.

    Thank you Markus for coming down off stage once again. Yes we were dirty from all the dust, as you could probably tell when you signed our Coldharbour Shirts. Congrats on finding your Adidas 10s. I'm guessing you went to Harbourtown or something similar haha.

    I hope Australia was very nice to you. Can't wait for you to come back and visit.

    Love from Adelaide

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