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    I must have missed something, City Compilation 14?


    I'm sure I missed an interview or post about this, but what happened with the 2014 City Compilation?

    Was it just too much with the touring and Scream 2?
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    Not too sure exactly but i think this article has something to do with it..

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    Was looking foward to a new City Compliation. I collected all the city compliations over the years. Always enjoyed them. I respect Markus' decision to dedicate a track over the year. Why can't Markus do a Bucharest '15 or London '15??? Would be nice!!

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    I have to admit that I'm rather disappointed that there was no city mix last year... The way things are going is seems doubtful that there will be one this year either. In my opinion they were way better then armins yearly mix. I hope Markus will consider doing these mixes once again in the future.

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