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    Markus @ Pacha NYC 2014. Unbelievable....

    I'm so surprised no one has said anything yet!!!!
    But this set had to be, hands down, one of the best sets We've seen markus play. The whole night was just amazing, from the start markus was throwing down and until we left at 745am he was going hard....down the rabbit hole.
    I'm somewhat upset we couldn't stay till the bittersweet end but I could not have enjoyed more than I did.

    My wife and I have seen him several times between stereo, AC, CT, BEB, ezoo, And with ferry as NWP, and listening to all his sets, but personally this has to top it off. Not that the rest were bad by any means!!!

    The progression throughout the night, the new tracks, and the somewhat more "intimate" feel made it great.

    Anyways markus never disappoints and hope to see him again at BEB.

    And thank you, markus, if you read up on this, had a great night, love the new tracks, and that your always willing to throw down an all nighter. I would also love to have the set from that night!
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