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    Markus Schulz New Remix Collection?

    I'd been meaning to post this here when I first saw it, but I came across this when I tried to google a release date for the elusive Arnej remix of Fly to Colors:

    I don't follow Dash Berlin World and have no idea if there is any truth to that, but I always figured that all of those unreleased remixes of the classic Markus tracks would get bundled together and released at some point. There are some listed there that I've never heard (a tech version of Rotunda?)

    So I guess my question is, does anyone know if this is real and forthcoming?

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    imho is fake

    In 2014 will be already released Scream II

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    Markus has said repeatedly these remixes are exclusives for his sets. If he does release them at some point all the better but it's unlikely at this point.

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    I think less likely things to be released have been released (Big Room Reconstructions EP). Things like the Aerofoil remix and Daydream remix were promoted to be released at some point; the videos are still on youtube with the coming soon tags.. I think if anything the label boss is just holding off with these for something of an anniversary release, or maybe even a bonus disc alongside Scream II.. or something
    I just don't see the sense in not releasing them.. moreover Arnej just reworked his Fly To Colors remix slightly (you can hear the new version in his coldharbour day set) and the Wellenrausch version of Perception is by far the best version of the track, at least in my books..

    So, I think eventually, in whatever form, these will be released. If it was just a remix or two I would say yeah, they probably wont be released given that their era has long passed, but there is a substantial collection of unreleased tunes here. I was just hoping for some legitimacy in that link but oh well.. the wait continues

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    Someone asked Markus about Dakota EP. Markus said that maybe he'll release for an 175th anniversary

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    On Facebook yesterday the Coldharbour page received a repost of the Daydream remix (G&H vs E) asking "who wants a release?"
    I hope that's not just cruel teasing and is indeed a hint to that being released along with all those other delicious unlreleased remixes. Maybe a release with Scream 2?

    Do I have to get down on both knees? Pretty please Coldharbour HQ :P

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