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    [Videos] Markus live at Transmission 10th Edition 11-30-2013

    Some video clips of Markus playing at the 10th Edition of Transmission in Prague on 11-30-2013.

    I have to say, Transmission was the most impressive production I've ever seen Markus play . . . and I've seen him a lot Not only are the lasers amazing, but the Funktion-One sound system in that arena sounded incredible. I actually think the stage setup looked better for the Spiritual Gateway show from the pictures, but this was my first Transmision event and I was still blown away by the Machine of Transformation production.

    I know they posted the video of his full set (, but here are some of my clips if you wanted to see some of the lighting from a different point of view.

    Change resolution to 1080p for best picture.

    All my old Markus videos -
    2005 - 2012 -
    2012 - 2013 -
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