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    Markus Schulz - Watch The World (2016 artist album)

    Trance heavyweight Markus Schulz has a new album right around the corner, and fans are itching for information. To put some fans at ease he revealed some pretty big news today, dropping the title of the new album along with a few other interesting details.

    The album is set to be called Watch The World, which is all there really is to know about the album itself for now. It’s set for release on April 29 through Black Hole Recordings and Coldharbour Recordings.

    Confirmed tracks

    - Destiny
    - Face Down

    Confirmed collabs

    - Delacey
    - Lady V

    Release parties

    - April 08, London
    - April 29, Los Angeles
    - April 30, San Francisco
    - May 05, Washington DC
    - May 06, Miami
    - May 07, New York
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    Tentative tracklist I've found:

    1. Intro
    2. In The Night feat. Brooke Tomlinson
    3. Love Me Like You Never Did feat. Ethan Thompson
    4. Destiny feat. Delacey
    5. A Better You
    6. I Hear You Calling feat. CAYO
    7. Leaving LA feat. Nikki Flores
    8. Let It Rain feat. Helen
    9. Markus Schulz and Kyau & Albert - Fears
    10. Facedown
    11. Waiting
    12. You and I feat. Adina Butar
    13. Watch the World feat. Lady V
    14. Summer Dream feat. Mia Koo
    15. Favorite Nightmare feat. Delacey
    16. Soldier feat. Naguale
    17. Rewind

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    I saw Markus discussion of the new album on FB and I was actually surprised at many of the acoustic versions of the songs.

    Def my favorite has to be Fears and I also love the concept behind Facedown with Adina and the male vocalist.

    It's a bold new direction, but it's actually quite refreshing really, and it shows Markus range.

    Kudos to Markus and everyone involved in Watch the World. And the title, it's great, it's a cool and relevant statement on the world today, and the interconnectedness.
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