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    Indeed, the top guys are all about mainstream; makes me that much happier when Markus goes all out and plays for 6-8 hours at a time.
    That's fan consideration, talent and a love for DJing all in one. Not to mention the fact that Markus is the nicest guy I've met.

    Well, the Coldharbour crew in general knows how to treat their fans, but I love hearing from my close friends after a long club night,
    "I can't believe I met Markus Schulz!!!! And he's so nice and down to earth!!!!!!"

    Yeah, for this, his professionalism, the quality of music being put out, this is why I support.
    Coldharbour Citizen.

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    I agree with most of the above.

    And as for the popularity and trance/prog within EDM - trance was never mainstream. But trance was what I would have described as ELECTRONIC. Now, you throw in a bit of Ne-Yo,, and you are in #1, (or #4 this year. ) in the electronic dance music charts LOL... Looking at the list - young, opinionated, or ex-big names with big marketing budget are in the top list. Dub Step, Pop, 'AfroJack-rock' are in the top too. Quite surprising, if Im frank. Almost like – the voters were those who ‘when I get tipsy I dance to pretty much anything’. Ok, exaggerating. There are many who do deserve the high place in rankings, not disrespecting anyone but – just saying. I guess this is what EDM music is. THe definition is much broader I think earlier days it would be narrowed down to much less genres and/or players to the definition of EDM. It is not a question of evaluating the quality of sets any more, I don't think. It’s who sticks in your mind first when you say 'dance' or ‘electronic’. Or who is on spin at your neighbour's room-party.

    Oh - another thing. Funny that Markus is #1 in the US (Is it because more people prefer Trance to Country, or Rock in the USA?...haha... ), but globally --'Top 100 DJs is the WORLD'S leading DJ Poll.' -- it's Armin and Tiesto's playground, with some pop and dub-step infusion, and young trouseprogers. It would be interesting to see the demographics of voters in DJMag in general. 350,000 votes. Would explain things.

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