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    one good idea would have been 2 cd's one for the older fans and one for the new ones i absolutely love carry on, nothing without me and scream..i have the feeling that many tracks could have ended up better, not just vocals and big room sounds, i want a Markus S artist that can be separated from the others by his sound...if this continues the line between will dissapear

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    Quote Originally Posted by topereq View Post
    please don't call me 'hater'. belive me , im very far from hating on Markus and his album. having different opinion on sth doesn't make me hater. i worte what i worte b'cos i care about MS and the things he does. and i had no intention of putting him down. i just wanted to let him know that there are ppl that want trance to be more than just a few beats & simple melody to dance. that's all
    I didn't refer to anyone particularly, I don't know much who the people are here. Maybe not everyone is a hater, I was referring to those who do not even try to accept music as it is nowadays.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkusSchulz View Post
    Hey everyone,

    I realized that not every track will be for everyone. That is why I made an album diverse and with 23 tracks. most albums are 10 tracks. I am sure you guys can find 10 tracks on here you would put on your ipod and enjoy. Let me try for you:

    Carry On
    Loops and Tings
    Silence to the call
    Deep in The night
    Nothing Without Me
    Soul Searching
    Don't Leave Until the Sunrise
    Digital Madness
    Finish Line

    What if the album was only those tracks? Instead I made a diverse album that will help me continue grow as an artist.

    Another frustrating thing is that all summer long, on GDJB we have brought you some of the most amazing deeper tunes I have heard in a long time. Artists like Guy J, Wellenrausch, Styller, Tarkan...etc are amazing. Rex Mundi is on fire again. Nobody else supports these artists like we do, yet if you ask someone from an any of the message boards, I am David Guetta now. Like common people...lets be serious!

    I don't know. I guess I will stay active here in this thread and debate/discuss whatever you want about this. I still do respect you guys and your knowledge and passion for the music. But I think the message boards have become totally disconnected with reality of the scene.


    *going to get some popcorn.
    OK, apologies for some of my hurting words. You're still one of my favourites producers and DJs on the globe and I'm going to do a mini-album of "Scream" album and like you said it contains about 13-14 tracks(the list you posted - the tracks I really like/love). With those 13-14 tracks the album is like Progression/DYD album Keep what you doing with GDJB shows and maybe a little one track for some old, disconnected with the scene fans - sweeping synth, efx(something like a gift :P )?
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    Interesting read, I can see why people are questioning the style of the album because it's totally different from what got us into Markus's music in the first place, but a Markus Schulz artist album has always been full of vocals and you can really experiment technically as an artist when you have your own album that's why some artists produce one or two breaks or chilled out tracks totally branching out their style.
    Though I'm not a big fan of alot of the tracks on album i can hear the passion and the soul that went into producing this album and i can tell you now, if Markus was to do another Dakota album it would be shit hot!!!!
    However i can see where Markus is coming from, about promoters and booking people who have radio plays etc, the scene has many sides to it that not everyone agrees with, and being a dj myself i have many issues with the scene here in the UK but you have to work with those issues and adjust alittle but while still doing something you love.
    I'm no way at the level of Markus is as a dj but even i've had to change my sound slightly to get more gigs, I've even started playing house which I've always liked and always had a passion for along with trance music and now I'm getting more gigs than I've ever had by adjusting alittle, I'm even booked to do 7 gigs in Ibiza next year and possible a booking for 6 more and as you all know that's every djs dream and obviously along with every other dj i would not play something we don't have the passion for.
    So sometimes it really is essential to make these changes but I'm pretty sure Markus will never completely leave the style he's known for over the past years, he is just broadening out his style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Swindon View Post
    Markus Schulz & Mr.Pit - Push The Button EXTENDED MIX RELEASE PLEASE!!!
    it's out. all of the extended mixes for scream are available on beatport. MUCH better buy IMO than iTunes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fridaycoffee View Post
    i want a markus s artist that can be separated from the others by his sound...if this continues the line between will dissapear
    qft :-) :-)
    All time fav : DJ Eco & Martin Roth - Tonight Is Forever (Martin Roth Edit)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdjblaci View Post
    why?! Why can you be disappointed? Find the best tracks at all, if you don't like the complete album.
    check the cheesy vocals on scream. I dont want to talk too much. Terrible material for not demanding listeners

    Carry on!

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    I love new album, it is being above my expectations. None of the previous albums have vocal based tracks (for example Not the Same), melodies was always stronger, now in Scream some tracks have stronger vocals but melodies are still have the soul for me (like Scream and Sing Me Back To Life). There are so many tracks that i liked (actually all of the albums have some tracks that i dont like, it is very normal) and as for me this is one of the best albums in 2012, also it has best vocals track of 2012 for sure. I'm saying this again and again look at Caught's and Scream's melodies for example, perfectly matching with coldharbour sound, but they just lost something in their elements; i think this is a little recognition to the market. Nonetheless they are still good, when i heard Scream for the first time, i was about to scream

    The thing is what i am complaining about how we will hear again tracks like First Time, Somewhere or The New World? Because tracks like Carry On doesn't fulfill our yearning to old tracks, or both Loop n Tings and Digital Madness won't even be a The New World. Now I can't feel that feeling from new tracks by even very underground DJs like Airwave neither. I was in love with many DJs tracks like Super8&Tab, Cosmic Gate, Ferry Corsten, Kyau&Albert, Gareth Emery, Duderstadt (they killed both their Duderstadt and Inpetto sound, what a shame!) etc. I still enjoy with them but i'm not folloing they anymore. Guetta and Avicii have tons of fans but i don't think that they have followers like us. Is Avicii have a forumsboard? Why not? That Scream tracks are very beautiful in comparition with those most appreciation collectors like Gareth's or Dash's tracks, also they have the soul which other tracks haven't. There is nothing lost or totally changed but the thing is we can't get a proper track that like the tracks even in 2008 (not so far) which we really missed. What happened to the beautiful crowd at ASOT 400 in 2009, we watched them live on internet. They all died? I think unfortunately they died. On the other hand as you can see there are a really visible line between the ways of Ferry and Markus. The ways that about following new scene are very different. And now we can still enjoy with some DJs and Labels which still didn't ruin their music quality like Coldharbour and Perfecto. This very exaggerated complains won't make them better. They are still carrying our music pleasure on. I'm a multi-lover. Yesterday i met with an earlier Allure track from 90's and also met with a Cher Lloyd track and i enjoyed with both of them. Not just because of that i can't wait for everyone to love every type of music, it would be unfair. Also my enjoy with several types of music doesn't make me a fan of all types of music. And of course i won't be just because of the change in DJs styles. I'm a trance-listener. And other guys who are oldschool trance-listeners in here just talks about what they want, and i think they all deserve that in the past. Now I just wonder if we will get any tracks like the old ones in the future? I am not meaning a full album; just some tracks, maybe sometimes. They can recharge people who still being here on forums who DJs made musics just for them back in time and who now about to be forgotten.

    *Sorry for my English and improper sentences.
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    Huge respect to Markus for sincere words about the shit that is happening in the scene right now. It is sad but I really understand that life is difficult & if you wanna survive - you have to do things you've never done before.

    If there is an album full of cheesy tracks...well..that's ok until these tracks invade livesets. It is ok until these track are in your radioshow. Leave them for MTV charts. I purchased tickets for your gig in Moscow on Sept 21st right after they became available. I can't wait for the show & your set but please keep this "radio hits" away from livesets.

    Early (say in June 2010 when you played at Milk in Moscow) when I was waiting for the show there was no matter who's gonna play before & after you because your set was going to be just epic. Now I'm afraid that your set may turn into something that is not usual for you because this set is an album tour set. And now I'm really waiting for the other artists to be announced because this can change a lot.

    PS: Huge respect for beating this Dash Berlin style Both for tracks & mixing skills.

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    Good discussion ...Good luck with your new album and I hope to see and hear you soon in some good dark club tucked into the rabbit hole.
    Stay underground \0/

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