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    damn didn't know about the GDJB, that's a shame really.

    in a way i kind of wish EDM wasn't so mainstream now, that way there would be a fine line between those 'radio hit producer's' and those that actually know about producing and dj'ing, but i can't be selfish as i know EDM going mainstream has it benefits too for the talent.

    one way to really know if a DJ has sold-out is to see if they still do what they used to do before this bubble. for example, kaskade has gone mainstream, but in los angeles a few weeks ago, his staples center gig after-party set was 95% deep house, a lot of people were dissapointed(new-generation fans). new years last year, he played for 12 hrs(12 am to 12pm) at marquee las vegas and completely switched his set to deep house after around 4am. on the other hand, we have lost some DJ's too, sander van doorn used to play extended sets, now he shows up drunk, plays for 2 hours and leaves, very disappointing when the club is open until at least 6 am.

    markus has been my favorite dj since i got into the scene at around 2008, i know it's hard for the old-time fans to accept this change, but we have it good with mr. schulz, it can be A LOT worst. if you miss the sound from back in the day, go listen to some james holden or something.
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