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    Hey everyone,

    I am glad to see you guys are still actively discussing topics here on the MS forums. I have kept away from forums for some time now because I dont think they accurately represent what is going on in the EDM scene. Nonetheless I check them regularly just to get the pulse of what the oldschool-dare I call you guys...elitist fans, are feeling.

    Let's clarify some things about this album.

    First the elephant in the room....the commercial vocal tracks.
    Here is the plain truth of the matter. The main promoters are now only booking based on an artists radio plays. DJ mag is irrelevant in most situations, although it is still an important part of the overall picture. I get messages all the time from people...When are you coming to my city?? Well...the honest answer is, I won't be coming to your city unless a smaller promotor brings me to a smaller club or I get radio support and the main promotors book me. What I mean by radio support is regular rotation on the radio station's playlist. Guys like Dash Berlin, Avicii...etc have all blown up seemingly overnight just because of radio play. Many of these "producer" type DJs are playing mainstage sets ONLY because of their radio presence. Whether or not they can even mix is irrelevant. This has made me evaluate where I am as an artist. I love the music and the scene, and I also know that the gigs will dry up if I do not evolve as an artist. I started reaching out to singers and songwriters and the demos I got back were amazing. When they sent me the rough demo of "Until It's gone" I was blown away. But I also knew it was much more commercial than I have ever done. But how do you let a song like that which is perfect for radio get away? Seriously? If you want to see me playing on the mainstages and in the big clubs in your city then I need songs like that. The challenge now was making the track into something that I could be proud of, and I am 100% proud of the result.

    I think the one thing that bothers me the most about everything is that, ok the more commercial tracks are not your thing, but even the tracks that I was 100% sure you guys would love get negative reactions. Meanwhile when I play these tracks out, in front of 20,000 people....or in the intimate settings of the rabbithole of clubs like Stereo in Montreal, crowds lose their mind. Their is an obvious disconnect between what is happening out there and what is happening in here. So what should I do? Keep making music for the message board fans who are slowly fading out of the scene and are so picky that they will complain about the volume of a snare drum while listening on laptop speakers or focus on the fans who come out and stay for an entire 10 hour set enjoying the moments we spend together? There is no cooler feeling than when I play CARRY ON and watching the crowd go crazy as the track builds up and climaxes, or the screams when the riff from LOOPS AND TINGS comes in. When I play FINISH LINE at the end of my sets I hear people singing the riff as they walk out of the club. Things like this is what make me smile, and get me excited to go back in the studio. Things like that are why I am making music. How can you not realize the magnitude of how music touches people lives when you get messages about people getting the lyrics to NOTHING WITHOUT ME tattoo?

    I realized that not every track will be for everyone. That is why I made an album diverse and with 23 tracks. most albums are 10 tracks. I am sure you guys can find 10 tracks on here you would put on your ipod and enjoy. Let me try for you:

    Carry On
    Loops and Tings
    Silence to the call
    Deep in The night
    Nothing Without Me
    Soul Searching
    Don't Leave Until the Sunrise
    Digital Madness
    Finish Line

    What if the album was only those tracks? Instead I made a diverse album that will help me continue grow as an artist.

    Another frustrating thing is that all summer long, on GDJB we have brought you some of the most amazing deeper tunes I have heard in a long time. Artists like Guy J, Wellenrausch, Styller, Tarkan...etc are amazing. Rex Mundi is on fire again. Nobody else supports these artists like we do, yet if you ask someone from an any of the message boards, I am David Guetta now. Like common people...lets be serious!

    I don't know. I guess I will stay active here in this thread and debate/discuss whatever you want about this. I still do respect you guys and your knowledge and passion for the music. But I think the message boards have become totally disconnected with reality of the scene.


    *going to get some popcorn.
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