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    Transmission 2012 - "THE SPIRITUAL GATEWAY" - 17.November 2012 - Prague o2-Arena


    Tim Grube and Mike Hovesepian, a dynamic duo in the dance scene and members of the Coldharbour stable out of Miami Florida and Los Angeles California. Tim Grube started bringing out his own sound locally opening in clubs for the well known DJ's. In early 2008 Tim Grube heard the Coldharbour driven bass lines from Mike Hovsepian when he was debuted on Markus Schulz's Global DJ broadcast. Tim Grube came with the idea to get in touch with Mike Hovsepian to discuss a possible partnership. This leaded to the start of Grube & Hovsepian in which they are combining and sharing their fresh progressive trancy sound to the dance scene. Grube & Hovsepian use hard work accompanied by desire with a drive and creative mindset that has no limits. Grube & Hovsepian are determined to make their delicious sound heard in all parts of the globe and the 17th of November Prague will be part out of it.

    CHICANE (Live):

    If music has soul, this would be it. It's with great pride we are presenting Chicane (live). Under the lead of Nick Bracegirdle Chicane has been at the very top of EDM since the very beginning. Touching hearts with soundtracks like, Offshore, Saltwater, Don't Give Up, Stoned In Love, Poppiholla and many more, Chicane have produced music with a soul. With albums like "Far From The Maddening Crowds", "Behind The Sun" "Giants" or "Thousand Mile Stare" Chicane have raised the bar higher and higher with every record and have created music that will be remembered for a very long time, giving themselves legendary status. Everyone can say they have heard good music, but not everyone can say they have felt it. Chicane is music with a feeling and we are convinced saturday 17.11.12 at Transmission in Prague's o2 arena you will definitely feel it. Chicane's live performance will be for sure a performance not to be missed by anyone, get ready for the legendary Chicane.


    A 15 minutes preprogrammed mix filled with special effects combined with the most spectacular laser show you have ever seen at Transmission (prepared by Ministry).


    The legend of Transmission who brings us every year together with his creative and unique sound is coming back to Prague to do what he does ooh so well, rocking the crowd hard. Outrageous bass-lines, nasty drops, delicious beats and juicy sounds, Markus always is creating and delivering smashing sets. A DJ/Producer who stands full of passion and determination behind the decks for just one reason, to give every time all he's got to please the crowd. World wide Markus Schulz is celebrated as one of the biggest and most famous EDM stars, proven by his status in the highly rated DJ mag where he claims already for over the last 4 years a spot in the top 10. His success and popularity is not only reflected by playing weekly for tens of thousands of fans but also by his Global DJ broadcast radio show which attracts millions of listeners world wide. As founder and headhunter of the Coldharbour label, Markus Just has released his latest album "Scream" with witch he once again has demonstrated the production side of his mind is alive and kicking. Honored to have him behind the decks to take over control of Prague's o2 arena, the 17th of November once again you'll be able to see, hear, and enjoy the wonderful sounds of the one and only, Markus Schulz.


    Young boys grow up fast. It's been already 5 years ago when Willem and Ward teamed up. A shared passion for beats and melodies brought them together in the studio. After discovering the beauty of EDM together in 2009 W & W decided the time had come to showcase their sound and play DJ gigs together. Having produced dance-floor destroying tracks like Mustang, Mainstage, Dome, Arena, AK47 just to name a few this route has lead them to gigs all around the world including their debut at Transmission in 2010. In 2011 the guys embark upon a new adventure and have released their album "Impact" full with all the essential W & W sounds on the Armada music label. Besides producing and DJ'ing, W & W are also running their own "Mainstage" radio show to export their diverse trance sound all around the world. We are convinced W & W are once more ready to rule Transmission and are glad to have them back the 17th of November. Get your self prepared for W & W.

    Another "smoking hot" Coldharbour representative which can be seen as a new "star in the making" We are happy to present to you, out of Colombia, Khomha. Chosen by Markus Schulz in the DJ mag as producer of the year 2011, Khomha has begon his journey in electronic music from the age of 14 years old. From his early age he was adopting sounds influenced by trance and progressive house. Khomha is creating an unique sound with captivating melodies and strong beats making his live performances overwhelming for its audiences. His tracks and remixes supported by the biggest names in EDM have become hits reaching the top spot in the charts and are making noise on the biggest dance events on this planet. Get your self ready and be prepared for some block rockin beats and banging music to get your self Khomhatized.


    Let there be sound. Ummet Ozcan is another Dutch born electronic music maestro with a knack for pumping out quality productions. Ummet is a DJ and producer from who we truly believe he is one of the greatest and hard working talents out there. Delivering track after track of pure quality over the last few years it was no surprise his latests release "the Box" has reached the nr. 1 spot at Beatport in just 3 days. Already from the age of 8 years old Ummet was showing interest in electronic music when he got his first Casio keyboard as a present. Therefore it's also no wonder that so many electronic sounds found their way into his sub-conciseness. The fact Ummet is also a sound designer gives him the option to make more original sounds and more unique tracks. Ummet likes to combine elements from different styles to create his own specific sound and most of his tracks sound very techy and melodic to create a great atmosphere on the dance floor. As a sound designer Ummet is also well known for his softsynth and soundbank design for well established music software houses like Rob Papen (Albino, Predator) and Acces Music (Virus) and has designed his own synthesizer which is called Genesis pro. If there is one DJ who knows how to close an event with dirty driven trancy pounding sounds it's Ummet Ozcan. Fasten your seat belts and Let your self be blown away by the sound of Ummet Ozcan.

    The doors open at 20:00 hr. The warm up starts at 20:30 hr. and will be in the hands of the Czech DJ and Producer MICHAL POLIAK. The show starts at 21:30 hr. and will last till 06:00 hr.

    20:00 - DOORS OPEN
    20:30 - MICHAL POLIAK (Warm Up)
    21:30 - GRUBE & HOVSEPIAN
    22:45 - CHICANE LIVE
    00:00 - TRANSMIX
    00:15 - MARKUS SCHULZ
    02:15 - W & W
    03:30 - KHOMHA
    04:45 - UMMET OZCAN
    06:00 - END

    OPEN: 20:00 hr.
    CLOSE: 06:00 hr.

    E-Tickets (Int):

    Tickets (CZ):

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