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    Markus mixing skills..

    damn he's good, lol.

    so seamless and effortless, i know the edits he does helps, but still, wow.

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    Yeah, at Space, it's a whole nother dimension; you could be dancing to one tune and before you know it, you already in another track. Literally, nights a quite the journey.
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    Markus' statement about the forum helped it in becoming more positive and yeah.. no doubt about his mixing skills for a long time now!
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    He is one of the best in the business when it comes to mixing. There are DJ's who can beat match and mix tracks without mistakes, and then there are DJ's who have the ability to add an extra layer of energy into a set with each transition. Markus is one of those guys. He's changed his style in recent years, he used to do really long, seamless mixes which were technically perfect but now he likes to mix in and out of songs quicker. It takes some serious skill to fit 27 songs into a 2 hour set and for it to not sound rushed. It's worth going to watch Markus live for his mixing as much as it is for going to hear good music.

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    Yeah, I watched Markus live mixing twice and he is unbeatable. Everyone can question the very music he is DJing and making, but when we talk about mixing its something different. His sets are talking the story, rare songs are longer than 3-4 minutes, except some really new and good ones. For example, Resurrection (Setrise Remix) is always 5+ minutes long but that tune has to be played as long as possible. Something which cant be said for somewhat 'boring' destroyers like Rotunda or Sinners which are often very short but cause massive destruction. I also like when he between two destroyers different in key, drops some 2-3 minutes of techno, make the mixing less noticeable and also use it as buildup for the next song. That works well especially in longer sets - he drops 2-3 destroyers to get the crowd mad, than 1-2 techish tracks to rest them a bit and than return with even bigger impact. We should also know that there are some non-musical stuff in live DJ sets, especially in clubs, when DJs are told to calm the atmosphere down periodically so crowd can go and pay for drinks but I want to doubt that Markus is doing that and I hope he plans his set's flow and track selection independently.
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