What an amazing interview and huge answers by Markus. To just point to some:

"What’s in me right now is to make music that makes people have a great time on the dance floor and not necessarily cry on the dance floor."

"You zig when everyone else zags and eventually they come over to where you are and that’s sort of been the cycle for me."

"I don’t just go to Beatport to download the biggest tracks and mix them together and say, “here’s my compilation.” I actually work with all of the artists and show them a vision of what I’m trying to do with this compilation."

"These guys that I’ve signed are amazing producers and for whatever reason haven’t been given the opportunity or exposure. KhoMha, for example, is going to be a star. The first time I heard him play live was at our Coldharbour party during Miami Music Week and I even went out on the dance floor. He’s 21 years old and from Columbia; he has this swag to him when he dances on stage. I was watching him and thought to myself you’re ready for Ultra Music Festival main stage right now. And he was stuck in Columbia. To find someone like that and make their dreams come true is the next step for me"