Hey guys, I couldn't look the forums properly since a few weeks ago and I just visited here sometimes for looking discusses about new tracks but I could't see anything? This is a serious problem think about it. Anyway the new album is coming really strong. I think it will be bigger than even Progression and Do you Dream! Bolandish and Go are just amazing tracks. Digital Madness may be in the album and its very strong too. Also I couldn't listen green stage last night, while you were all listening to Markus' set, I had only one choice to listen crappy tracks from Ferry on blue stage thanks to DI FM's android app Today I listened Karbon and it is simply wonderful. I listened it for the first time 1-2 months ago on a amateur recorded video on Youtube and then I listened it tons of time on that low quality video. And there are really good IDs over there, especially 14. track from Markus's LA '12 Release party set (opening track of 550 Den Bosch set) which is brilliant. I don't know if its Markus Schulz's or another DJ's track but it may be the best track of last 2-3 years. We heard minimum 5 tracks and they include various elements and none of them include vocals. Nowadays with this tracks and new Coldharbour DJ's releases, I remember the years before 2009 with those tracks and I am very happy because of that. Now too many semi-famed good trance DJs turned their styles to trouse, even some uplifting DJs too. But now that new trouse djs are losing their productivity in my opinion, it is getting bored. Coldharbour didn't degenerate theirselves, now there are just 2 or 3 labels exist which are still making destroyer tracks and Coldharbour is the heading one. As if some big DJs like Paul Oakenfold and Paul van Dyk going back to their old styles. Armin said I'm not dead with Suddenly Summer, and some promising DJs are still making good tracks in both progressive and uplifting. Trance and progressive turning back to their old states I can feel it. Now I am enjoying with the music just like old days and I hope this will continue and this new album will set an example to those changed DJs.