First off peeps, my apologies for taking a bit long to write up this thread, my computer decided this week the HD was going to say bye bye :/

Anyways, I'll start from I was sitting with a stomachache I've been having all week. At 7:30 pm I decided I couldn't handle my stomach just sitting at home, so how I was going to go party hard at Space?

I text my friend and told him I wasn't feeling well and I wasn't going to make it. I then thought about Mike Hovsepian who FB'd earlier in the week and Markus and Heather, and Tim; and not being able to see them, I was hit with a pang of letdown.

I decided to nap and see if I felt better. At 8:30 pm I decided I was feeling better after a brief nap and text my friend to meet me here at my house so we could ride out. No way I was missing out on tonight.

So we got to the parking across the street from Space at 10:15 pm; we scoped out the club and the street was empty. So we figured at 11:00 ish we'll go in.

We chatted about games and other stuff sitting in my car for a few minutes until we saw Tim,Mike and a tall guy walking by. I guess the tall guy was Arnej.

At 11:15 we walked out to the front of Club Space and WOW, the line was huge! People were everywhere down the street the club is on. 30 minutes and it got that crowded, the vibe was electric for sure.

A 20 minute wait and we were in at about 11:40ish. We proceeded to the Techno Loft which is next to The Terrace, which was closed until midnight. As soon as the doors opened I was one of the first few and proceeded to greet Mike Hovsepian (Such a great guy, so down to earth, and my bad man, I didn't forget the drink you offered, but my stomach wasn't in the mood for alcohol and I didn't want Mike getting in trouble too.) said hi to Tim (it's always a pleasure to chat him up before the club night starts).
I was getting my phone ready to snap a pic and Tim called my name; I look up and I was start struck to see Arnej!!!!!! (I'm huge Arnej fan BTW, and I never thought I'd see him in person, LOL).
I got the phone ready and I snapped away. From there I went to the dancefloor for a few more minutes. Markus was just starting out nice, mellow and groovy. I saw Heather with Tim, Mike, Arnej and Kaeno so I took the opportunity to go officially introduce myself.
On a side note, my apologies Heather for not having introduced myself earlier club nights (I'm shy and with the massive booming Space sound system, how would I retain my gentleman ways and not shout over the music?)
She was so nice and likewise Heather, it was so great to finally meet you, so I snapped a pic of Coldharbour's First Lady.

I managed to record some videos of the first two or three songs, but right now they've been played on the WT episode.
Also, I'll upload those vids once my laptop is fixed as I'm on my Windows partition and OSX is giving me issues on my mac :/
The entire night I drank water and even then my stomach still gave me cramps, not ideal for dancing too hard, so I was back n forth between the bar and the dancefloor.
At one point I even met one of the GDJB listeners and we chatted what we could due to the insanity of the music and the club.
Anyway, enough of the talk and onto the pics!!!!!!!!