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    Markus Schulz Blog - Dec 31 2011 (Year in Review)

    Did anyone read Markus's newest blog?

    It was very touching to me, he speaks about our (too heavy!) critics that he is changing musically, how much his fans mean to him, really honest thoughts by him. I have to copy/paste some of his most touching words to me:

    I know there’s been a debate among my own fans about the direction I’m going in musically, and there has been a period where it seems anything I played or anything I tried to do resulted in me seemingly being the worst person in the world.

    My honest thoughts are this - I felt that after 2010 with the whole “where trance went wrong” nonsense that I needed to make a statement in a musical sense, and that meant going back into the clubs and coming out with a more raw edge. And I think that I did accomplish that this year.

    But I think that it’s now maybe time for trance to dust itself down and come back fighting again. I will say this - there is nothing more inspiring to me than a good melody. Heck I think there were some lovely melodies on the Thoughts Become Things II album that a lot of people seem to have forgotten about...
    I’ll be candid and admit that sometimes I’m guilty of not refreshing my liveset playlists enough, and although it’s very difficult, and being the studio geek I am, time consuming to not only find these new tracks but edit them in a manner which fit the flow of my sets, it is something I’m consciously going to try next year, particularly for the World Tour recordings. Although maybe I’m just more open to criticism in that regard because there were no less than thirty of my livesets broadcasted in 2011, which I was told was more than double any other international trance DJ. Food for thought.
    I hope that somebody will come up with an invention where we can add as many extra hours in a day that we want in order to get everything done. I hope that I can deliver a new artist album and compilation that you will all embrace and love, and I hope that I can perform to my absolute best each and every time I step onto the decks in whatever club, arena or festival you find me playing.

    Most of all, I hope that 2012 is the year where I’ll be able to count on each and every one of you for your support throughout the next twelve months, because to be honest with you guys, I can’t achieve anything without you. We all share that dream of one day being able to put on a full Markus Solo stadium show, but we have to continue to grow together and continue reaching out to every corner in order to make that happen.

    So in closing, I’d like to wish you all a very happy, healthy, safe, prosperous and joyful new year.

    You’ve heard me say this countless times before but I’ll say it again - thank you guys so much for everything you do for me; whether it’s going out to the clubs or events, listening to Global DJ Broadcast or A State of Sundays, buying the singles and albums, being part of Coldharbour Day or just generally having me as part of your life every day - thank you.

    I have only one resolution for 2012, and that is to work harder for all of you than ever before. Hopefully you are willing to go on that journey with me side by side.

    Really, the guy was really honest with us and has shown us how much he cares about his fans and how much we mean to him. This text simply shows us how good person and guy he is and that maybe we are wrong at times and too much critical about him. I think he didnt deserve that and we should think twice about how much we give to him as fans compared how much he gives us as DJ and producer. I think we could and should give him bigger and better support because he deserves it more than anyone else. I admit everyone should give his opinion freely but look at this - the guy took time to write us this 100% honest blog explaining everything we were moaning about. Noone is perfect and maybe Markus is not perfect DJ and producer like we expect from it but guys, face it, we are not the perfect fans, as well. We should be better fans before we can ask Markus to be even better DJ and producer and he is already close to perfection.
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    exactly what i said to the people on #gdjb chatroom... that people should be patient because Markus always changes his style every year and the coldharbour sound will be back sooner then they think, honestly i loved the last 2-3 months Markus' sets, it had a balance between that aggresive style and trancy melodic style. Hopefully Markus' will hit heavy on those who already criticised LA '12 because that's a commercial city.. and i am sure he will!

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    This is the most honest, candid and just the best MS blog I've read to date.

    We are very spoiled, and 2K11 was an amazing year for Coldharbour, literally every single release was incredible (and that's an understatement). And yes, he did achieve his goal of a more Club sound for 2011.

    As I said before, some of us just take things too serious, just go for the ride and enjoy the music.

    Bravo Markus, keep doing your thing, you'll alway have my support.
    Coldharbour Citizen.

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    guess this is as good a thread as any to ask this because it has to do with facebook ... anyway, markus asked for suggestions on a track to drop at midnight in his NYE set, anyone have any idea what he ended up going with? i'm curious now
    what's up and welcome

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    This is indeed a very honest and self-critical blog by Markus.

    I'm sure 2012 will be a great year for Markus and I will enjoy his music. I agree with his brief analysis of the state of trance:
    But I think that it’s now maybe time for trance to dust itself down and come back fighting again. I will say this - there is nothing more inspiring to me than a good melody. Heck I think there were some lovely melodies on the Thoughts Become Things II album that a lot of people seem to have forgotten about. But my biggest fear for trance right now is that it’s almost getting to the point where it’s too vocal driven and the breakdowns are becoming too long. This might sound silly, but I fear for the day where I hear Celine Dion’s Titanic theme My Heart Will Go On playing over a trance breakdown.
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    Well, i loved 2011. I enjoyed the new coldharbour style.We saw a huge development on a lot of CLHB djs.
    To be honest I can't wait for LA '12.
    Markus, keep them made an excellent job on 2011.

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    Nice self-criticism...I hope 2012 will be more about melodies and deep basslines. #TBT2 is the needle in the haystack.
    Stay underground \0/

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    I love this:
    You’ll be able to find out the tracklist in a couple of weeks, but I can tell you that it will feature a brand new and unheard track from yours truly, under my own name for a change! It’s a deeper track aimed more for home listening, but one I feel will hopefully work well in my longer sets going forward.
    But, honestly I'm happy what he wrote: deep melodies will come back!

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    nice gesture to talk about all of the recent discussions we've been having on the forum.

    i started listening to markus in 2008 and i enjoyed 2011 the most, but definitely looking forward to the deeper stuff.

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    Another Goal for 2012 are World Tours Episodes!
    Not United States Episodes like in 2011. 8 of 12 was in US, sick!

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