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    Markus at UMF March 2012 (??)

    Noticed that Markus was strangely (again) missing from the lineup that has been released by UMF.

    is there something i'm missing here? bad past/history... whatever?

    I don't want to speak about the unspeakable... but that's pretty screwed up!

    Cites I have seen Markus in: Charlotte, BETA@Denver, SPACE@Miami, EDC Orlando
    Cities coming up: San Bernadino, CA (Escape From Wonderland) and Transmission 2011 (!!!)

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    Phase 1 line up released

    Phase 2 coming soon...

    Maybe he'll appear on phase 2?

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    i have a feeling it has to do with asot.

    last year all of the 'trance' dj's played and only played in the asot 500 state, and since markus was booked to play 2 other asot's, might have been the reason why he is omitted.

    this year might be the same.

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    I remember Markus had actually said that he prefers to play 7 hours rather at Space (or a club for that matter) rather than play for one hour at UMF.

    This was during the MMC WT set at Space this year.
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    i'll be at MMW this year and plan to catch markus at space if/when he plays that week, but i'm not too bothered he's not playing ultra... like someone said, he's probably playing one or two of the other asot 550's, so i guess he's not gonna do this one.
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