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    Ugh.. I'm not going to make it to tonight's show...the extended solo s
    et was too good and messed me up pretty bad...I'm getting too old for this stuff

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    Amazing. Markus played some amazing stuff like a Joris Voorn-The Secret,yeyeye

    Carry on!

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    Probably one of the most amazing weekends I've ever had---Saturday's party was out of this world incredible. Markus played for 10.5 hrs...but I tapped out after 8 hrs. I went back Sunday night and stayed the entire night (til 6am). I felt like death come Monday and I'm just now starting to feel 'normal' again. It was great meeting Mr. Pit, Arnej, Jochen, Modthispny & Hovsepian---and great seeing Mr & Mrs. Coldharbour & Tim again. I should be 100% by Friday---Markus @ Pacha, NYC!!!
    The DJ, the Music & ME

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