Using 27 fresh-from-the-studio tracks, one of the world’s biggest DJs has musically decoded his club capital for 2012. From across the electronic dance spectrum comes thermic audio from the likes of [b]KhoMha, Mr. Pit, Basil O’Glue, Rex Mundi, Elevation vs. Grube & Hovsepian and many others.

It also features, exclusively, ‘Bolandish’- Markus’ incredible new track.

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<i>"Schulz clearly demonstrates his native understanding of the floor-attacking, uncompromising trance that holds sway over LA’s clubs and arenas - Album of the Month"</i> - Mixmag

During the last weeks of 2011, via a dedicated video-cast, Markus Schulz revealed that the setting for his 2012 City compilation would be the sprawling electronic dancetropolis of Los Angeles.

On making the announcement, Markus said: “electronic dance music has blown up huge in the United States this past 12 months. One of the main reasons driving that is the scene in Los Angeles, where a new generation of clubbers are uniting with long-term fans and creating one of the most passionate scenes anywhere on the globe. I’ve played there many times in my career, at the Monster Massive festivals, the Electric Daisy Carnivals and 3 years New Years Eves at Together As One, and they’ve all been so memorable in their own way!”

Following the broadcast Markus began his musical mission to embody the dance-heart of one of the biggest cities on the planet and build a mix testament to it.

As is now the City series’ custom path, LA ’12 discs are opened by Markus himself, who infuses each mix with an atmospherically charged overture. Under his San Andreas Soundlab alias, ‘Hollywood Boulevard’ teleports the listener straight down into the early evening thrive of the iconic Tinsel-town sidewalk. As the sun starts to set, the rush of the passing traffic melts into long expectant synth sweeps, which, beat-free, beautifully capture the palpable anticipatory buzz of a long LA night ahead.

Danilo Ercole and Wellenrausch soundtrack this day-to-night transformation with their newest studio wares, ‘A Man With Two Names’ and ‘Million Miles to Run’. Pushing LA ’12 further down this potent, progressive freeway, the swirling strains of Nifra's ‘Dark Harbour’ and the epically spacious ‘Hyperfocus’ from Mark Otten intoxicate the mix and ratchet its tension. As the tougher sounds begin to filter their way in with ever-greater frequency, so the clubbers pulse quickens. The auditory punch of Beat Service’s ‘Fortuna’ produces a knockout moment, as does the unrestricted uprush of Styller’s striking ‘Quantum Mechanics’. Pushing Mix #1’s mercury conclusively through the roof is the rolling thunder of ‘Bolandish’ - Markus’ latest atom-splitter.

For just a moment disc 2 drops the drums out with the evocative, echoic 911 wail of ‘Avalon’. Markus’ tribute to the famed Hollywood club, the track plants you right outside its front door. One final glance back up at Capitol Records, etched against LA’s night-black cityscape, and the whooping rush of Arnej’s ‘We Unite’ sucks you into Avalon. From there LA ’12 wholeheartedly and vociferously seizes control of your arms and feet. Through the concussive beats, shock-waving synths and digital discordance of tracks like, Elevation vs. Grube & Hovsepian ‘City of Angels’, KhoMha’s ‘Artemis’, Aaron Camz ‘Aqwa’ and Mr Pit’s purpose built outro mix of ‘River of Hearts’, it delivers LA’s pitch-perfect audio expo.

If you’ve not clubbed the city before, this compilation will all-but secure the credentials for you. Capturing the pumped fission and pure passion that put Angelenos’ feet on the floor all-year-round, it makes a compelling a case for the city’s accession to nu electronic dance capital.

Markus Schulz - Los Angeles ’12 is out on Friday February 17th 2012.

Disc 1:
01. San Andreas Soundlab - Hollywood Boulevard
02. Danilo Ercole - A Man with Two Names
03. Wellenrausch - Million Miles to Run
04. Klauss Goulart - Sweet Little Pepper
05. Rebels Without a Cause & York - Red Violin
06. Basil O'Glue - Doublespeak Effects
07. Nifra - Dark Harbour
08. Erick Strong vs. Dart Rayne - Shamballa
09. Mark Otten - Hyperfocus
10. Danilo Ercole - Quasar
11. Beat Service - Fortuna
12. Styller - Quantum Mechanics
13. Markus Schulz - Bolandish

Disc 2:
01. San Andreas Soundlab - Avalon
02. Arnej - We Unite
03. KhoMha - Mind Gamer
04. Rex Mundi - Shocking Blue
05. Styller - All That Remains (Basil O'Glue Remix)
06. DNS Project - Recapture
07. Mr. Pit - Pole Position
08. Aaron Camz - Aqwa
09. Omnia & Ira - The Fusion
10. KhoMha - Artemis
11. Rex Mundi - Opaque
12. Elevation vs. Grube & Hovsepian - City of Angels
13. Ercola featuring Annie - Follow Me (Rex Mundi Remix)
14. Mr. Pit - River of Hearts (Outro Mix)

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