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    I don't think much about this list, I am sure there are much more tracks have to be in the list which are I can't remember.

    01 Nic Chagall & Duderstadt - Alone With You
    02 Markus Schulz - The New World (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix)
    03 Tucandeo - In A Moment
    04 Mike Foyle - Headrush
    05 Sander van Doorn Pres. Purple Haze - Timezone
    06 Orjan Nilsen - Between the Rays
    07 Markus Schulz - Alpha State (Mike Foyle Remix)
    08 Eric Strong - Heart Inside
    09 Chris Harvey – In Dreams With Betty
    10 Aerofoil - C2I (MSBRR)

    So much really beautiful tracks are out there this year, but that's so tragic that; gather that top 10 all, they can't be competed with any single track which played on GDJB in 2009 and before. What a shame for trance ..

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    I love these threads too, but damn is it hard to narrow things down to 10 favorites...

    My Top 10
    01. Dakota - In A Green Valley (Basil O'Glue Remix) / Basil O'Glue - Angular Momentum (Original Mix) (I CANT DECIDE!!)
    02. Grube & Hovsepian vs Klauss Goulart - Territory (Original / Celluloid Mix) (Can't decide between these two either! Amazing release.)
    03. Sequentia feat. Per Linden - Undiscovered (Omnia Remix)
    04. Alex Losy - Tantamount (Yura Moonlight Remix)
    05. The Prodigy - No Good (Leon Bolier Remix)
    06. Beat Service - Outsider (Original Mix)
    07. KhoMha - 507 (Original Mix)
    08. Nash & Pepper - I Killed The Love (Arnej Dub Mix)
    09. Matthew Peterson - Sunjaya (Original Mix)
    10. D-Mad feat. Emma Lock - I Love Indigo (Original Mix)

    But when it comes to Track of the Year for this year, I'd have to say Outsider wins by a landslide. It's been around all year long and still gets played frequently. Outsider and Rotunda are probably the biggest anthems of the year, besides maybe Arty's remix of Punk and Rebound.

    Honorable Mentions:
    DTC vs Delerium - Lift Off Silence (Markus Schulz Mashup)
    Rex Mundi - Valley of Dreams (Original Mix)
    Tucandeo - Lockdown (Original Mix)
    Rex Mundi - Sandstone (Original Mix)
    Deepfunk - Tulips Grow In Space (Original Mix)
    Astrix - Reunion (Original Mix)
    Dakota - Katowice (Original Mix / Mr. Pit Remix)
    Orjan Nilsen - Between The Rays (Original Mix)
    Winter Kills - Hot As Hades (John O'Callaghan's Deep Dream Remix)
    3rd Planet - UFO Here (Original Mix)
    Milamdo - Fifth Of November (Original Mix)
    Tucandeo - Macula (Original Mix)

    ...and many more!!! So hard to narrow things down! :X

    Even though 2011 was the horrific year that Dubstep emerged and "Trouse" became a possibility, there were plenty of solid tunes that I strongly believe will end up as timeless classics over the next few years.

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