Ahhhhhh guy's finally back home after a massive one week of vacation
on this magically island called Ibiza

First of all,
if you haven't seen the Island and the parties specially the trance ones
in Space-Sankeys or Amnesia... you must go there. Pure Madness :mrgreen:

Cream was madness @ Amnesia with Paul Van Dyk and Ferry Corsten

OK, time for the main show SPACE @ Terrace:
Here are some Impressions :mrgreen:
What an amazing night this was !!!! Surreal guy's

Entered the club around 23:15pm with M_82_Poland to feel and check out the hole Space.
Rene(forum member) from the Netherlands joined us later on the dance floor.
Beers and vodka got flowing before we hit the club and of course.. we checked
some drinks there,too. 1 beer 10€ - 1vodka-bull 14€ ops: Ouchh thats Ibiza babyy
The vibe of the club is amazing. The sunset terrace is really cool i fall in love with it.
We waited there before they opened the Terrace and all the other doors @ midnight!

Look around: http://www.spaceibiza.com/2011_360/tour_virtuel/

Markus's gig itself was immense and intense, this was probably
the best set i heard since MOS-Solo Set from 10.6.2011!
Markus in Ibiza LIVE..... whaaaa Do you dream i thought
He started off nice, as you guy's know from the last GDJB-Episode
and soon started to flow more upbeat. Markus starts around @ 1:30am.

I didn't know how i can describe it. Magical !

Meet some girls and boys from the hole world there.
USA,Budapest,Netherlands..... ahhh to many to count guy's
One girl had a tattoo with "Do you Dream" over her hole thigh :shock:
Pure crazynesss :lol:...... Coldharbour fans from everywhere.
This was one hell of a night to remember and i was glad to spend it with some really nice people.
I will defiantly go to see Markus solo-set next year again !!
Maybe some people from the London Coldharbour family will joined us next year.
I don't wane write a book here.
So let's get to some pics + videos:

Totally mindblowing.... i dream away:

whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it kills all

Ibizaaaa we will see us next year :P
Thanks Markus !!!!



Sunrise after the set !!! Stunning