Hello fellow Coldhabour citizens,

I think we are all aware of the rapidly changing trance scene. Some like it some don't, but there seems to be a significant amount of negative comments with regards to particular DJs changing their styles or becoming more commercial. I would like to get a feel of some of your sentiments, before I create a detailed questionnaire for my thesis. Yes I am actually doing research on this for my Honours degree in university. Any response or feedback is much appreciated. U can post yr replies here, make it into an open discussion or email me foothegreat@hotmail.com

I must say, the DJs I have in mind that instigated me to start this research are Armin van Buuren & Tiesto. Feel free to use any other DJs u have in mind.

1) Based on yr experience, when one of yr favourite DJs 'changed', did your attitude towards the DJ change? How did it affect the frequency of you listening/buying the releases and mixes of that DJ?

2) U see/hear many negative comments about this DJ, with regards to the change in style. How did u react to them? How did the comments impact your attitude towards the DJ? How did it affect the frequency of you listening/buying the releases and mixes of that DJ?

3) Did the DJ respond in any way to the negative comments? Was the response to your satisfaction? Did their response change your perception/attitude?

4) How would your responses differ for the above 3 questions if it is an international DJ that you have no attachment to, but have heard of some of their tracks and are aware of his/her style?

5) Overall, would you say your loyalty lies with particular DJs or a particular music Style? Does your musical taste change with the DJ or do u move on to other DJs that play your style?

6) In general, would you say that you are one of those people who are always loyal to one or a few brands no matter what, or one who tends to switch between brands?

7) How frequent do u follow electronic dance music forums/social media sites? How long have u been listening to electronic dance music?

Thanks for yr time! Coldharbour forever.