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    Markus Schulz presents Dakota - Thoughts Become Things II

    Markus Schulz presents Dakota - "Thoughts Become Things II"

    The rumors are true, but now it’s time to make it official…

    Two years ago his first Dakota album heralded one of the boldest branch-outs that’s ever been undertaken by an EDM artist. This summer Markus Schulz will return his genre super-collider to the dancefloor frontlines. A bigger comeback in 2011, you will not find…

    Back as far as its turn-of-the-millennium origins, Markus’ alter ego was always conceived as a channel through which he could explore the darker and more devoutly club side of his mind.

    “To me the audio that Dakota presents and the music which I put out under my own name stand totally apart. It’s an entirely separate set of tempos, sound-ranges and FX rules. To have this studio ‘other self’ with which to produce this type of music is more important to me than ever”, he says.

    The first ‘Thoughts’ long-player proved nothing short of a revelation, drawing Schulz’s productions into the CDJs of an entirely different type of DJ. Two years on and its sequel is on final approach. A fully floor-equipped, 14 track album, ‘Thoughts Become Things II’ again explores every cleft and crevasse of the prog/trance/techno/house panoply.

    Stylistically ‘Thoughts II’ picks up precisely where the first album left off, in the deeply trenched progressive of ‘Gypsy Room’. From there the unmistakable churning, techno glint of ‘Red Star’ and the shadowy atmospherics of ‘I’m Where it Went Wrong’ continue to build the bridge between the two albums. Each one a Dakota device purpose built to send strobe-lit underground dance spots unrelentingly towards critical mass.

    Expanding its style sheet further is the house-led thematic of 'Terrace 5 a.m.' Recalibrating Moroder’s immortal, discofied ‘I Feel Love’ bassline to 2011 levels, its set to become a much-demanded spin at Schulz’s new Space Ibiza residency. Equally 80's inclined is ‘Tears’, who’s poignant, film-noir channels Vangelis’ enigmatic ‘Blade Runner’ theme.

    Every bit as redolent is the low-tempo industrial roll of ‘Katowice’s dystopian main line, the flowing transcendental melod-prog of ‘In a Green Valley’ and ‘Apollo’ - the expansive, epic album dénouement.

    Dakota fans’ first contact with ‘Thoughts II’ will inevitably have come through the propulsive twin-turbines of its first two singles… Together, over the last three months, ‘Sinners’ and ‘Sleepwalkers’ have nitro-injected Schulz’s sets time and time again. The latter has already developed its own early cult status, when its emergence during his set at ASOT500 pushed Schulz into Twitter’s worldwide trending top 10.

    ‘Thoughts Become Things II’ holds back its toughest sonic punches till last, with a closing track triumvirate. The gated synthery of 'Miami’, the hard-ratcheting white-knuckle-tension of ‘Cape Town’ and stridently riffed, big-room suspense of ‘Saints’ all collectively producing the album its mighty endgame.

    As with its first instalment, ‘Thoughts Become Things II' will have resonance with DJs of numerous electronic dance disciplines. With barely a track over the 130bpm mark and referencing many a dance sub-genre, it is this summer’s most intrepid, creative long-player.

    Thoughts Become Things II will be available through iTunes on Friday July 1st, and on CD from Friday July 8th.

    1. Gypsy Room
    2. Red Star
    3. Sleepwalkers
    4. I’m Where it Went Wrong
    5. Sinners
    6. Terrace 5 a.m.
    7. Katowice
    8. Tears
    9. Suggestion No. 5
    10. In a Green Valley
    11. Miami
    12. Cape Town
    13. Saints
    14. Apollo

    More information can be found at the special microsite

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    Thoughts Become Things II Announcement - Wednesday June 1st

    Nice album cover! An essential buy for the summer I think Can't wait

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    Re: Thoughts Become Things II Announcement - Wednesday June

    Wow... surprising cover. I wish they used one of this photoshoot though:

    Curious about the tracklist and now it's time to read Markus' blog!

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    Re: Thoughts Become Things II Announcement - Wednesday June

    great news , waiting for more ! 8-)
    All time fav : DJ Eco & Martin Roth - Tonight Is Forever (Martin Roth Edit)

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    Re: Thoughts Become Things II Announcement - Wednesday June

    Cant wait for the new Dakota album and the upcoming worldtour set from LA cause it will debute some off the new Dakota album stuff! :mrgreen:
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    Re: Thoughts Become Things II Announcement - Wednesday June

    Ok, so this Budha meditates, but I don’t think he has listened to any of Markus yet, as he doesn’t seem to be in Nirvana yet.... :roll: :lol:

    Do You Dream cover was quite expressive, well reflecting the album title... Im sure this Budha is some allegoric ( :?: ) meaning of trance music.
    Quite a creative choice I'd say – thoughts materialise in first one, now we reflect on them - meditating - maybe looking back and thinking, how the hell this happenned, what a powerfull tool the thought is...bla bla bla....

    In a nutshell the cover basically says - you're so going to ‘meditate’ when this album comes out!...Nirvana will be – big time!... so Zen! BRING IT ON!... Interesting what tracks will be in it.

    So now onto the best part of Fridays' - Markus Blog time!
    ? ? ? ? .........."No rest for the wicked".....(MS Blog) ? ? ? ?

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    Re: Thoughts Become Things II Announcement - Wednesday June

    What a great and interesting cover!! like it!

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    Re: Thoughts Become Things II Announcement - Wednesday June

    Same day I get a blackberry. Good day is good.

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    Thoughts Become Things II Announcement - Wednesday June 1st

    The cover really amps up my excitement over TBT 2.
    Coldharbour Citizen.

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    Re: Thoughts Become Things II Announcement - Wednesday June

    from the interviews, we already know about some of the tracks

    1. Sinners
    2. Saints
    3. Sleepwalkers
    4. Terrace 5AM
    5. I Feel Love
    6. Red Star
    7. Where It Went Wrong

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